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The Abyss: Special Edition Coming to Theaters

On Wednesday, December 6, 20th Century Studios will present Academy Award-winning filmmaker James Cameron’s The Abyss: Special Edition in theaters for a special one-night-only event. You can watch the trailer via the link below.

Fans will be able to experience Cameron’s thrilling underwater sci-fi adventure for the first time in stunning, remastered 4K. Tickets go on sale beginning November 20 and can be purchased at Fandango or wherever tickets are sold.

The Abyss: Special Edition Coming to Theaters

James Cameron says, “If you haven’t seen the film before, this is the way to experience it, and if you have, it will be like the first time all over again. So, get out to the theaters and enjoy.”

In this underwater sci-fi adventure written and directed by James Cameron, a nuclear sub mysteriously sinks and a private oil rig crew, led by foreman Bud Brigman (Ed Harris), is recruited to join a team of Navy SEALs on a search and rescue effort.

The group soon finds themselves on a spectacular life-and-death odyssey 25,000 feet below the ocean’s surface, where they find a mysterious force that could either change the world – or destroy it.

The Abyss stars Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and Michael Biehn. The movie was written and directed by James Cameron and produced by Gale Anne Hurd. It features music by Alan Silvestri.

The Abyss was originally released in theaters on August 9, 1989 and grossed $90 million worldwide, with $54.5 million coming from domestic theaters and $35.5 million from international markets.

20th Century Studios is an Academy Award-winning producer of theatrical feature films and critically acclaimed streaming releases. It is home to such iconic franchises as Cameron’s Avatar, Alien, Planet of the Apes, Predator, Die Hard, and Kingsman and creator of hit films including Bohemian Rhapsody, The Greatest Showman, The Martian, Ford v Ferrari and Free Guy.

It also launched the successful Deadpool and X-Men film series, Oscar winner West Side Story and 2022’s Prey. Recent releases include The Creator, The Boogeyman, and the Oscar-winning box-office smash Avatar: The Way of Water.

Previously known as 20th Century Fox prior to becoming a part of The Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Studios is recognized for its incredible 80-year legacy. It is the studio that brought the world the first six Star Wars films, in addition to standouts from across the decades.

Click here or on the image below to watch the trailer!

The Abyss: Special Edition

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