Saturday, October 19, 2019

ABOUT US was founded in 2018 by Mirko Parlevliet, who has been reporting on the entertainment industry since 1998. aims to bring you the most accurate news in the business. At the site, you will find all the latest movie, TV, game, music, and theme park news daily. We are passionate about entertainment and hope to bring you along for the ride!

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Mirko Parlevliet has been reporting on the entertainment industry since 1998 and founded to cover movie, TV, video game, music, and theme park news.
Jenna Busch has written and spoken about movies, TV, video games and comics all over the Internet for over a decade, co-hosted a series with Stan Lee, appeared on multiple episodes of Tabletop, written comic books and is a contributing author and assistant editor for the PsychGeeks book series including Star Wars Psychology. She founded the site Legion of Leia and hosts the Legion podcast.
Sarah is a freelance writer and self-described workaholic. She loves fantasy and sci fi and will admit having dual loyalties between Star Trek and Star Wars as well as Marvel and DC. When she's not being socially awkward, she is in a corner obsessing over dragons, cute things, and a need to master all languages on the planet. She would like to be a professional blanket burrito when she reaches the peak of maturation.
Heather Newgen has been reporting on the entertainment industry since 2004. In addition, she travels the world volunteering and launched The Voluntourist in 2017 to inspire others to give back responsibly. Heather currently freelances for various outlets as a writer, reporter and producer, and when she's not working or traveling, she loves being at home with her dog in Los Angeles.
Cindy is happy to be a part of Her varied interests include movies, television, books, and theater and has written for,, and other websites prior to joining the Legion. She believes in the power of art in all its forms to elevate the human spirit and when she isn’t writing, she is working behind the scenes in community theater and slowly learning to play guitar.