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Acorn TV March 2024 Streaming Schedule

Acorn TV has announced the titles that are coming to the AMC-owned streaming service in March. The Acorn TV March 2024 lineup adds to the service’s wide variety of acclaimed English and foreign-language dramas, engaging comedies, documentaries, and more.

The highlights include new episodes of the Acorn TV Original series The Madame Blanc Mysteries Season 3 and the Acorn TV exclusive series Murdoch Mysteries Season 17.

Acorn TV March 2024 Streaming Schedule

Also coming are Significant Others, Winter, This Is Going to Hurt, Total Control, The Man Who Died, new episodes of The Graham Norton Show Season 31, and more.

The Acorn TV March 2024 titles are available at Acorn.TV and on Prime Video Channels, Apple TV, Roku, YouTube TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity, iOS, Android, Cox, and more.

Acorn TV March 2024


The Madame Blanc Mysteries Season 3 (Acorn TV Original) – New Episodes on Mondays
The Madame Blanc Mysteries follows renowned and respected antique dealer Jean White (Sally Lindsay). Her expertise in the world of antiquities proves to be the key to solving a series of murders and mysteries against the backdrop of the beautiful French village of Sainte Victoire.

This season sees Jean solving new mysteries, ranging from a deep-sea diving mishap to a historical duel, alongside her friend – and flirting partner – Dom (Steve Edge).

The all-new season also sees the return of Gloria Beaushaw (Sue Vincent), eccentric married couple and manor owners Judith Lloyd James (Sue Holderness) and Jeremy Lloyd James (Robin Askwith), Chief of Police André Caron (Alex Gaumond), and Dom’s light-fingered Uncle Patrick (Tony Robinson).

Acorn TV March 2024

Murdoch Mysteries Season 17 (Acorn TV Exclusive) – New Episodes on Mondays
The new season began with William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) and Julia Ogden (Hélène Joy) racing to discover the true intentions of their mysterious captors in order to escape and resume their lives in Toronto. Constable Crabtree (Jonny Harris) and Effie (Clare McConnell) find their domestic bliss interrupted by an urgent mission that emerges from Crabtree’s past.

Station House #4 will be in a state of tension as Brackenreid’s (Thomas Craig) place in the constabulary remains in question. Llewellyn Watts (Daniel Maslany) resumes work as a detective, determined to live his truth and pursue happiness on his own terms.

Detective Murdoch will meet historical figures such as Emily Carr, Jelly Roll Morton, new Prime Minister Robert Borden, Sun Yat-Sen, and even the Mona Lisa. And he will face brilliant foes and friends alike – James Pendrick and Terence Meyers, for starters.

The Madame Blanc Mysteries_Season 3, Episode 7.


A look at Acorn TV’s full premiere schedule for March 2024.


The Madame Blanc Mysteries Season 3 – Acorn TV Original
Episode 5
Violet Oliver is the hottest fashion designer. But when she falls from the balcony at her launch, Jean (Sally Lindsay, Mount Pleasant, Cold Call) helps to find out who attempted to murder her and why.

Murdoch Mysteries Season 17 – Acorn TV Exclusive
Episode 3, “Murdoch and the Mona Lisa”
When the suspect in the theft of the Mona Lisa is murdered, Murdoch’s investigation leads to artist Emily Carr.

Murdoch Mysteries_Season 17, Episode 6.

Britain by the Book – Binge (1-hour episode)
Inspired by her passion for books, Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off, Spies of Warsaw) hooks up with her friend and Dorset local, Martin Clunes (Doc Martin, Manhunt), to explore the spectacular scenery and iconic locations made famous by some of Britain’s favorite books and films.

Significant Others – Acorn TV Exclusive – PREMIERE | Binge (6 episodes)
Sarah (Jacqueline McKenzie, Malignant, Miss Fisher & The Crypt of Tears) put a wrecking ball through her family home, and now she has vanished. Putting the pieces back together is going to tear her family apart – or rebuild them anew.

Tea With The Dames – Feature Film
Spend a delightfully bawdy afternoon with four legends of British stage and cinema. Dames Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Eileen Atkins, and Joan Plowright spill the tea on life, love, and art.

The Madame Blanc Mysteries_Season 3, Episode 5.


The Graham Norton Show Season 31
Episode 19
The BAFTA-award-winning talk show is back with a new series featuring the biggest celebrities and the brightest conversation on television. Guests include Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, and Dua Lipa.


The Madame Blanc Mysteries Season 3 – Acorn TV Original
Episode 6
When Judith’s friend Nancy is kidnapped from a birthday party, Jean (Sally Lindsay) and Dom race against the clock to find her before the ransom is due. Or she will die.

Murdoch Mysteries_Season 17, Episode 6.

Murdoch Mysteries Season 17 – Acorn TV Exclusive
Episode 4, “Bottom of the Barrel”
While investigating a stabbing death at an oyster bar, Murdoch discovers a hidden bordello and other illicit secrets.

Britain’s Most Scenic Counties: Norfolk & Suffolk – Binge (6 episodes)
Narrated by award-winning actor Bill Nighy (Love Actually, Living), this series celebrates the beauty of Norfolk & Suffolk, England’s gorgeous Eastern counties. Made up of wild coastlines, deep forests, and rich farmland, the series takes us far and wide in an area known as the breadbasket of Britain but also famous as one of its most beloved holiday destinations.


Winter – Binge (7 episodes)
In this gripping Aussie mystery, a small town is rocked to its core after the search for a missing teenager uncovers the corpses of five women in a field. Detective Eve Winter (Rebecca Gibney, Under the Vines) is called in to investigate with her elite team of homicide detectives.

The Madame Blanc Mysteries_Season 3, Episode 6.


The Madame Blanc Mysteries Season 3 – Acorn TV Original
FINALE | Episode 7
Can Jean (Sally Lindsay) and Dom keep Uncle Patrick safe as they race against time to try and solve an old poem that could unlock a rare treasure hidden in Sainte Victoire.

Murdoch Mysteries Season 17 – Acorn TV Exclusive
Episode 5, “Station House of Horrors”
Murdoch and company descend into a house of horrors after making wishes with a malevolent mechanical fortune teller.

This Is Going to Hurt – Binge (7 episodes)
The award-winning series follows Adam (Ben Whishaw, Skyfall, Women Talking), a doctor who is finding his way through the ranks of hospital hierarchy; junior enough to suffer the crippling hours but senior enough to face a constant barrage of terrifying responsibilities.

Adam is clinging to his personal life as he is increasingly overwhelmed by stresses at work: the 97-hour weeks, the life-and-death decisions, and all the while knowing the hospital parking meter is earning more than him.

Total Control – Season 1 – Binge (6 episodes)
When Alex Irving (Deborah Mailman, The Sapphires, Mystery Road), a charismatic and contradictory Indigenous woman, is thrust into the national limelight after a horrific domestic violence event, Australia’s embattled Prime Minister Rachel Anderson (Rachel Griffiths, Six Feet Under, Muriel’s Wedding), sees a publicity goldmine for her party.

In a bold power play, she handpicks Alex for the Senate. But Alex wants to be more than just a political stunt: she wants to make a difference. So, when the Prime Minister’s cynical calculations betray her, Alex sets out for revenge that will send the political establishment into meltdown.

The Madame Blanc Mysteries_Season 3, Episode 7.


Murdoch Mysteries Season 17 – Acorn TV Exclusive
Episode 6, “Dying to be Enlightened”
Odgen, Watts, and Effie attend a health retreat run by a charismatic leader where a fellow guest dies mysteriously.

How to Paint the Mona Lisa – Binge (1-hour episode)
In How to Paint the Mona Lisa, Artist Adebanji Alade unlocks the secrets of the world’s most famous painting.

The Man Who Died Season 1 – Acorn TV Exclusive – Binge (6 episodes)
Mushroom entrepreneur Jaakko, slowly poisoned by persons unknown, sets out to solve his own murder before he dies. Along the way, he discovers he has been sleepwalking through life, so he dives into life, love, and mushrooms while he still can. *Finnish-language