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Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Deal No Deal Review

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has returned for its seventh and final season on the Disney+ streaming service. In this review, we’re taking a look at the sixth episode of the season, titled “Deal No Deal.”

When Trace Martez pilots her prized ship on a mysterious job arranged by her sister Rafa, Ahsoka is alarmed to learn they are transporting for the evil Pyke Syndicate. Fearing that her ship may be at risk, Trace makes a rash decision that puts them all in peril.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is rated TV-PG.

What Worked

Ahsoka Tano continues her long-awaited return in “Deal No Deal.” And despite having left the Jedi Order, we’re treated to a brief reunion with Anakin Skywalker, of sorts, in a moment reminiscent of a classic scene in Return of the Jedi. It’s a poignant moment that becomes more meaningful considering their eventual showdown in Rebels.

That isn’t the only nod to the live-action films in this episode, as the bulk of it actually takes place on the planet Kessel as seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story. We see some new corners of the infamous planet and Ahsoka is confronted by the shortcomings of the Republic and the Jedi philosophy when the spotlight is shone on the slave miners on the planet. It’s an interesting reminder that the Jedi still had a lot of work to do in the galaxy.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7

While the episode focuses on Ahsoka, it’s the new Matrez sisters who steal the spotlight. We see a bit more of the dynamic between the three characters as they bicker over how a mission should be conducted when it is revealed to be less than legal.

As mentioned before, the dynamic between sisters was only seen before in The Last Jedi, so it’s interesting to see that type of relationship explored in-depth here.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Deal No Deal Review

“Deal No Deal” has a nice moment early on when we’re introduced to the ship “Silver Angel.” Custom built by Trace, it’s a bucket of bolts akin to the Millennium Falcon, yet its debut is surprisingly emotional and majestic. Spaceflight is so commonplace in Star Wars it’s nice to take a step back on occasion and appreciate how awe inspiring it is.

The production design in The Clone Wars continues to be impressive. This is especially the case with the design of the new aliens – the Pykes. They have unique clothes, voices, and movements that are noteworthy.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

What Didn’t Work

While it’s fun to see Ahsoka Tano back on the screen, she’s a bit of a wet blanket in this episode. She’s constantly correcting or chiding the Matrez sisters and you start seeing why Rafa would want her to hit the road. Hopefully, she becomes a bit more fun in subsequent episodes.

The Bottom Line

A revisit to Kessel and the further development of the Matrez sisters makes this a noteworthy episode. “Deal No Deal” ends on a cliffhanger that will have you glued to Disney+ next week for the seventh episode.

Deal No Deal Review Score: 7.5/10

The episode was directed by Natahniel Villanueva and Steward Lee. The voice cast includes Ashley Eckstein as Ahsoka Tano, Brigitte Kali as Trace Matrez, Elizabeth Rodriguez as Rafa Martez, Tom Kane as Admiral Yularen / Narrator / Overseer, Dee Bradley Baker as Fife, Matt Lanter as Anakin Skywalker, Corey Burton as Kinash Lock, and Stephen Stanton as Marg Krim.