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Life Below Zero Clip Introduces Cole Sturgis

Vital Thrills has your exclusive first look at a clip from the new season of National Geographic‘s Life Below Zero, which premieres on Monday, September 4.

The clip, which you can watch using the player below, features new cast member Cole Sturgis, who lives in Thorne Bay, Alaska. This season follows Cole as he teaches his daughters to survive in the Southeast.

Life Below Zero

The hit series, which has earned eight Emmy Awards, has been going strong for over a decade and spawned popular spin-offs including Life Below Zero: Next Generation, which will also premiere its fourth season on Monday night.

The new season of Life Below Zero delivers fresh, powerful stories of resilience and survival in the face of the brutally cold and unforgiving Alaskan wilderness in winter.

When bears, wolves and foxes are your only neighbors, life can be pretty lonely. Add minus-60-degree days and a constant battle for the most basic necessities, and you have the daily challenges of people who live in remote corners of Alaska.

This series takes viewers deep into an Alaskan winter to meet tough, resilient residents as they try to stay one step ahead of storms and man-eating beasts to survive the season.

Also highlighted is a time of year not always part of what viewers see in Alaska: spring! Ice is breaking, animals are waking, and residents face new tests before deep cold returns.

In the new season, Sue Aikens, who has lived in Alaska for over 23 years, confronts unprecedented changes and pushes herself to the limit as she works at night to track a large herd of up to 50 caribou in a fierce blizzard.

Ricko DeWilde’s children take an active role in their way of life. DeWilde follows ravens to track Alaskan blackfish, as he teaches his children survival skills and the time honored traditions of their ancestors.

Andy Bassich and Denise Becker seek new resources on the Yukon River, the Hailstones adapt to unnerving changes, and Jessie Holmes strives to recover from a near-death accident.

In Life Below Zero: The Next Generation, the next generation breaks boundaries in the backcountry as dark winter arrives. Johnny Rolfe uses grit to endure the Brooks Range. The Roaches explore new land for opportunity.

Mario and Clare learn to survive in Hayes Valley. The Sarvelas battle unique conditions on the Kenai coast.

Life Below Zero: Next Generation

The Rowlands build onto their remote lifestyle in McCarthy, while the Browns work to transform their farm.

Life Below Zero and Life Below Zero: Next Generation are produced by BBC Studios Los Angeles Productions.