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Hulu April 2024 Movies and TV Shows

The Hulu April 2024 premiere schedule has been announced and can be viewed below. The streaming service has also revealed the titles that will be leaving next month.

The Hulu originals for the month include Blood Free, Dinosaur, The Fable, GO! GO! Loser Ranger!, The Greatest Hits, High Hopes, Hip-Hop and The White House, Mission: Yozakura Family, See You in Another Life, Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story, UFO Factory, Vanderpump Villa, and Wonderful World.

From FX, you’re getting Broken Horses, Welcome to Wrexham Season 3, and The Veil, while the National Geographic titles include Drain the Oceans Season 6, Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet Season 12, The Incredible Dr. Pol Season 24, and Secrets of the Octopus.

Hulu gives viewers instant access to current shows from every major U.S. broadcast network, libraries of hit TV series and films, and acclaimed Hulu Originals. Check out the highlights below and read on for the full Hulu April 2024 slate.

Hulu April 2024 Movies and TV Shows


A look at the originals, exclusives, and premieres that are part of the Hulu April 2024 lineup.

Vanderpump Villa: Series Premiere (Hulu Original – Streaming April 1)
Decadence and debauchery collide in “Vanderpump Villa,” a new unscripted docu-drama following Lisa Vanderpump’s hand-selected staff as they work, live, and play at an exclusive French estate: Chateau Rosabelle.

Each scintillating episode follows the elite staff as they try to provide luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime, Vanderpump-curated experiences for guests while dealing with rivalries, romances, and raucous misadventures that come from living and working together 24/7.

From fireworks-filled proposals and opulent events at the chateau to unbelievable excursions and outrageous confrontations in the French countryside, each day at the Chateau brings nonstop heartfelt, humorous, and heated moments from staff and guests alike. All the while, Lisa evaluates whether this is the team that will make her “pop-up” experience a permanent reality and add to her ever-growing empire.

But will this unparalleled–yet unorthodox–crew be able to rise to the occasion and meet both the guests’ and Lisa’s great expectations?

Hulu April 2024 - Vanderpump Villa

Don’t Worry Darling (2022 – Streaming April 1)
While her husband leaves home every day to work in a top-secret facility, a young 1950s housewife begins to question her life when she notices strange behavior from the other wives in the neighborhood.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023 – Streaming April 1)
When vengeful gods threaten to seize Shazam’s powers, it’s up to wisecracking Billy Batson to keep his superhero siblings together and save the world.

iHeartRadio Music Awards 2024: Special Premiere (FOX – Streaming April 2)
The 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards will feature performances by Justin Timberlake, Green Day, TLC, Jelly Roll, Lainey Wilson, Tate McRae, and more, plus a special musical tribute to the 2024 iHeartRadio Icon Award Recipient Cher.

UFO Factory: Complete Season 1 (Hulu Original – Streaming April 3)
Fernando, an Argentine native, arrives in Salgueiro, an almost abandoned town in the heart of Galicia, looking for his grandfather’s birth certificate, which he needs to apply for Spanish citizenship. While there, the locals try to convince him to stay in the town and assume the role of its leader, a role that Fernando’s grandfather successfully occupied until he fled to Argentina for no apparent reason.

Fernando believes the town could revive its fortunes by tapping into UFO tourism. The entire community is under the command of its new leader and awaiting the arrival of aliens…

Dinosaur: Complete Season 1 (Only on Hulu – Streaming April 5)
In “Dinosaur,” Nina (Ashley Storrie), an autistic woman in her thirties, adores her life living with her sister and best friend Evie. But when Evie rushes into an engagement after only six weeks and makes Nina her maid of honor, Nina is floored. Forced to reconcile with her sister’s impulsive decision, Nina grapples with what this new challenge means, leading to a surprising journey of self-discovery.

The Fable: Series Premiere (Hulu Original – Streaming April 6)
“The Fable” is the story of a legendary hitman who has completed numerous jobs for a variety of clients. After concluding his latest assignment, the number of people Fable has recently killed draws too much attention, and his boss orders him to lay low for a year or face deadly consequences. Thus begins Fable’s one-year sabbatical from the underworld and the challenges he faces adapting to life as an “ordinary” citizen.

GO! GO! Loser Ranger!: Series Premiere (Hulu Original – Streaming April 7)
A foot soldier sets out to infiltrate and take down a group of warriors known as the Dragon Keepers. He encounters obstacles and challenges as he attempts to complete his mission against the group.

Mission: Yozakura Family: Series Premiere (Hulu Original – Streaming April 7)
“Mission: Yozakura Family” is an upcoming battle Shonen/comedy TV anime about a family of spies, based on the popular “Shonen Jump” manga series, written and illustrated by Hitsuji Gondaira and published by Shueisha. SILVER LINK is animating the anime adaptation.

High school student Taiyou Asano has been socially inept ever since his family died in a car crash. The only person he can properly interact with is his childhood friend, Mutsumi Yozakura—the head of the world’s strongest family of spies. Mutsumi’s eldest brother, Kyouichirou Yozakura, has been overprotective of her ever since he once rendered her severely injured.

His love for Mutsumi is lethal, and Taiyou is his next target. To survive, Taiyou must marry Mutsumi and become a member of the Yozakura family. Thrown headfirst into chaos, Taiyou begins his journey to become a powerful spy in order to protect his wife and uncover the dark secrets of his past and the Yozakura family.

Blood Free: Two-Episode Series Premiere (Hulu Original – Streaming April 10)
It is the year 2025. Instead of slaughtering animals for their meat, BF, a biotechnology company, uses its technology to provide the world with cultured meat. Yun Jayu is a businesswoman who has successfully transformed BF into a global company.

However, those who are after her and her company continue to grow in number, and she is repeatedly subjected to death threats and terrorism. As a result, BF hires Woo Chaewoon, a former commissioned officer, to protect her.

Suspiciously enough, Chaewoon does everything Jayu needs with perfect timing. Could he truly be just a bodyguard? Secrets and suspicions grow within BF and among those involved. What kinds of secrets do they have, and what are their motives?

Grand Cayman: Secrets in Paradise: Series Premiere (Freeform – Streaming April 10)
Sexy and sizzling with secrets, this seductive new docusoap follows a group of uber-rich and on-the-rise locals and expats navigating the rocky waters of their relationships, friendships, and careers in the paradise that is Grand Cayman.

The Incredible Dr. Pol: Season 24 Premiere (National Geographic – Streaming April 10)
Dr. Jan Pol and his wife, Diane, run a veterinary clinic in Central Michigan’s farm country.

Curtain Call: Complete Season 1 (Streaming April 10)
Ja Geum Soon (Go Doo Shim) was born in 1930 in what is now North Korea. When the Korean War broke out in the 1950s, she escaped to what is now South Korea – and was torn away from her husband and young child. She dreamed of being reunited with them, so she founded a hotel that she hoped would become a metaphorical lighthouse – and bring her lost family back to her. This hotel became the successful Nakwon hotel chain.

Now, Ja Geum Soon is approaching the end of her life, and she dreams of being reunited with the grandson she has never met: Im Moon Sung. Her ever-faithful assistant Jung Sang Cheol (Sung Dong Il) hatches a plan to help bring peace to the old woman before she dies – he will hire an actor to pose as Im Moon Sung.

He seeks out Yoo Jae Heon (Kang Ha Neul), a struggling stage actor who has been playing a North Korean soldier in a theater performance. Yoo Jae Heon agrees. He is told to pose as a defector who has come to visit the old woman for a while before attempting to return to the North. However, it soon appears that he has bitten off more than he can chew.

He also crosses paths with Park Se Yeon (Ha Ji Won), Ja Geum Soon’s granddaughter—the woman who is running Nakwon…and has vowed not to allow it to fall into anyone else’s hands! “Curtain Call” is a 2022 South Korean drama series directed by Yoon Sang Ho.

Immediate Family (2022 – Streaming April 11)
The official follow-up to “The Wrecking Crew,” Denny Tedesco’s “Immediate Family,” explores the iconic work of four session musicians who helped create the sounds—and hits—of the 1970s singer-songwriter era.

Hulu April 2024 - The Greatest Hits

The Greatest Hits (2024 Hulu Original – Streaming April 12)
Harriet (Lucy Boynton) finds art imitating life when she discovers certain songs can transport her back in time – literally. While she relives the past through romantic memories of her former boyfriend (David Corenswet), her time-traveling collides with a burgeoning new love interest in the present (Justin H. Min). As she takes her journey through the hypnotic connection between music and memory, she wonders – even if she could change the past, should she?

The Stranger (2020 – Streaming April 15)
New to Los Angeles, rideshare driver Clare (Maika Monroe) picks up Carl (Dane DeHaan) from a home deep in the Hollywood Hills. What begins as a routine ride turns into Clare’s worst nightmare: a twelve-hour fight for survival through the city’s seedy underbelly. Carl is not the passenger Clare thought he was, and Clare is not easy prey. Avan Jogia also stars in this thriller.

See You in Another Life: Complete Season 1 (Hulu Original – Streaming April 17)
This series is adapted from the book by Manuel Jabois’ “Nos vemos en esta vida o en la otra” (We’ll Meet in This Life or the Next). Based on the interview he conducted with Gabriel Montoya Vidal (“Baby”) in 2014, it tells of his involvement in the worst Jihadi terrorist attack on European soil in March of 2004.

At the time of the attack, Baby was a sixteen-year-old who helped transport the explosives that would be used in Madrid on March 11, 2004. Baby was the first person to be sentenced for the attack. His evidence was vital in the mega-trial held in 2007.

Under the Bridge

Under the Bridge: Series Premiere (Hulu Original – Streaming April 17)
“Under the Bridge” is based on acclaimed author Rebecca Godfrey’s book about the 1997 true story of fourteen-year-old Reena Virk, who went to join friends at a party and never returned home. The Hulu limited series takes us into the hidden world of the teenagers accused of the savage murder, revealing startling truths about the unlikely killer.

The series stars Lily Gladstone, Vritika Gupta, Chloe Guidry, Javon “Wanna” Walton, Izzy G., Aiyana Goodfellow, and Ezra Faroque Khan, with Archie Panjabi and Riley Keough. Based on the best-selling true-crime book “Under the Bridge” by the late Rebecca Godfrey, the series was adapted for the screen by Quinn Shephard.

The show is executive produced by Samir Mehta, Liz Tigelaar, and Stacey Silverman (Best Day Ever), Shephard, Godfrey, and Tara Duncan. Riley Keough will executive produce with Gina Gammell (Felix Culpa). Geeta Patel will direct the pilot and first as an executive producer on that episode. The series is produced by ABC Signature.

Under the Bridge

Drain the Oceans: Season 6 Premiere (National Geographic – Streaming April 17)
Pull the plug on the ocean to reveal hidden secrets using groundbreaking technology, breathtaking photography, and insight from top archaeologists.

Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet: Season 12 Premiere (National Geographic – Streaming April 17)
Spanning thousands of acres and incorporating hundreds of species of animals, Michelle Oakley’s veterinary practice is Yukon tough. House calls range from expelling dogs’ anal glands to getting chased down by Artic Muskox. Michelle juggles being a full-time Veterinarian, wife, and doctor while taking us into unexplored regions of the Yukon.

FX’s Welcome to Wrexham: Season 3 Premiere (Streaming April 19)
Rob McElhenney (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) and Ryan Reynolds (“Deadpool”) navigate running the 3rd oldest professional football club in the world. Welcome to Wrexham is a docuseries tracking the dreams and worries of Wrexham, a working-class city in North Wales, UK, as two Hollywood stars guide the future of their historic Club.

In 2020, Rob and Ryan teamed up to purchase the 5th-tier Red Dragons in the hopes of turning the Club into an underdog story the whole world could root for. The world has taken notice, and change is afoot. After fifteen painful seasons in the National League, the Club finally achieved promotion back into the English Football League.

The stakes have never been higher as League Two brings a new level of intensity, and the Club continues to be plagued with injury and setbacks. Dedicated staff and supporters celebrate the city’s return to glory while bracing for the new-found challenges that come with a return to the EFL. Will Wrexham AFC stand up to the challenge and rise again?

Meanwhile, Wrexham AFC’s Women’s Team, fresh off an undefeated season that saw them promoted to the Welsh Adran Premier League, continues to show why women were meant to be footballers. With new players, a new pitch, and a whole new level of competition, can they continue to dominate and make a name for themselves at the top of the League?

For the first time in season three, with the team taking their place in the EFL, Welcome to Wrexham’s cameras will have unprecedented access to the pitch. They will bring viewers inside the locker room and alongside the players while the action unfolds in some of the biggest matches Wrexham AFC has ever played.

Welcome to Wrexham

High Hopes: Complete Season 1 (Hulu Original – Streaming April 20)
“High Hopes” is a workplace reality series following Belarus-born brothers Slava and Mishka and their stoned crew through the trials and tribulations of taking their cannabis business to new heights. As one of the oldest cannabis dispensaries in Hollywood, MMD attracts a wild mix of weed-loving customers and is a home away from home for their OG employees who work hard and smoke harder!

This season builds to their biggest day of the year—4.20—as the gang attempts to expand nationwide and release their own top-shelf cannabis brand. Will they find what they’re looking for, or will their hopes go up in smoke?

Hip-Hop and The White House: Documentary (Hulu Original – Streaming April 22)
Hip-Hop and The White House is a documentary film that unveils the transformative fifty-year history of a world-changing culture, illustrating hip-hop’s journey from outsider status to the pinnacle of power. This documentary showcases the pivotal contributions of artists who created some of the most powerful political songs of all time and explores the experiences of rappers who interacted with presidents and performed inside the world’s most famous residence.

Starting from the blighted neighborhoods that created the culture as a result of oppressive presidential policies, Hip-Hop and The White House describe the complex web of influence, culture, and celebrity that is now a permanent feature of American politics.

Secrets of the Octopus: Special Premiere (National Geographic – Streaming April 22)
Octopuses are like aliens on Earth: three hearts, blue blood, and the ability to squeeze through a space the size of their eyeballs. But there is so much more to these weird and wonderful animals. Intelligent enough to use tools or transform their bodies to mimic other animals and even communicate with different species, the secrets of the octopus are more extraordinary than we ever imagined.

“Secrets of the Octopus” will premiere in celebration of Earth Day and is the next installment of the groundbreaking, award-winning, natural history “Secrets of” franchise. The first installment was “Secret of the Whales,” and the second was “Secret of the Elephants.”

Wonderful World: Complete Season 1 (Hulu Original – Streaming April 24)
A successful psychology professor and renowned author, Soohyun enjoys a perfect life, but when she loses her son unjustly, she takes matters into her own hands by confronting the perpetrator. Suffering from a loss of zest for life, Soohyun is comforted by a fellow inmate she meets in prison and slowly begins to open her heart.

Upon her release, Soohyun searches for the victim of the accident caused by her fellow inmate and meets Seonyul, who shares her pain. As the two individuals harboring secrets face each other, they embark on an intense journey toward the truth, exchanging solace along the way.

Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story

Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story: Complete Docuseries (Hulu Original – Streaming April 26)
“Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story” is a four-part, all-access docuseries chronicling the epic past and uncertain future of one of the most recognizable bands in the world and its frontman, Jon Bon Jovi. A 40-year odyssey of rock and roll idolatry on the precipice as a vocal injury threatens to bring everything to a screeching halt.

“Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story” joins the band in February 2022 and follows their real-time journey with its fits and starts as they attempt to chart out their future. As thrilling as the story of a once-in-a-lifetime talent is, it is even rare that a legend like Jon Bon Jovi lets the world into his most vulnerable moments while he’s still living them.

40 years of personal videos, unreleased early demos, original lyrics, and never-before-seen photos that chronicle the journey from Jersey Shore Clubs to the biggest stages on the planet. The series relives the triumphs and setbacks, greatest hits, biggest disappointments, and most public moments of friction.

FX’s The New York Times Presents: Broken Horses: Special Premiere (Streaming April 27)
“Broken Horses” examines the systemic issues, questionable practices, and urgent calls for change that have shaken horse racing to its core. The world’s finest racehorses arrived at Louisville’s famed Churchill Downs ahead of the 2023 Kentucky Derby, but by the time the showcase event started on the first Saturday in May, seven of them were dead.

In the days after, five more died. The two other showpieces of the sport’s Triple Crown series, the Preakness in May and the Belmont in June, were also marred by deaths on the track that horrified spectators and intensified pressure on racing officials to reckon with the problem.

The New York Times reporters Joe Drape, Melissa Hoppert, Rachel Abrams, and Liz Day investigate the fateful period that threw the sport into crisis and left fans wondering why so many horses, supposedly in peak physical condition, are breaking down so frequently.

With confidential documents, recordings, and exclusive interviews, “Broken Horses” provides a vivid tour of the business and political forces that control the Sport of Kings and resist measures to implement changes that could decrease horse deaths. It is a story of reckless breeding and doping, of compromised veterinarians and trainers, and of fans who are drawn to the sport’s beauty and pageantry but increasingly wonder how long one of America’s oldest sports can continue to have its social license renewed.

The Veil

FX’s The Veil: Limited Series Premiere (Only on Hulu – Streaming April 30)
FX’s “The Veil” explores the surprising and fraught relationship between two women who play a deadly game of truth and lies on the road from Istanbul to Paris and London. One woman has a secret, the other a mission to reveal it before thousands of lives are lost. In the shadows, mission controllers at the CIA and French DGSE must put differences aside and work together to avert potential disaster.

The series stars Elisabeth Moss, Yumna Marwan, Dali Benssalah, and Josh Charles. Written by Steven Knight (“Peaky Blinders,” FX’s “Taboo”), it will be executive produced by Knight alongside Di Novi Pictures’ Denise Di Novi and Moss under her Love & Squalor Pictures banner. “The Veil” is produced by FX Productions.



Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Complete Seasons 1-3 (Dubbed)

Vanderpump Villa: Series Premiere

Annie | 2014

The Big Lebowski | 1998

Blair Witch | 2016

Blockers | 2018

Boys on the Side | 1995

Capone | 2020

Captain Phillips | 2013

Copycat | 1995

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days | 2012

Don’t Worry Darling | 2022

The Fifth Element | 1997

The Fog | 2005

Get Him to the Greek | 2010

The Grudge 2 | 2006

Hellboy | 2004

The Host | 2006

The Huntsman: Winter’s War | 2016

Jack The Giant Slayer | 2013

The Karate Kid | 2010

Letters to Juliet | 2010

Made in America | 1993

The Next Karate Kid | 1994

Ocean’s Eleven | 2001

Ocean’s Twelve | 2004

Ocean’s Thirteen | 2007

Pacific Rim | 2013

Runaway Jury | 2003

Seven Years in Tibet | 1997

Shazam! | 2019

Shazam! Fury of the Gods | 2023

Take Shelter | 2011

Wonder Woman | 2017

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan | 2008

X2: X-Men United | 2003

50 First Dates | 2004


iHeartRadio Music Awards 2024: Special Premiere

The Interrogation Room: Complete Season 1

Jumanji: The Next Level | 2019


UFO Factory: Complete Season 1


FX’s American Horror Story: Delicate: Part 2 Premiere

American Pickers: Complete Season 24B

Best in Chow: Complete Season 1

Dark Marvels: Complete Season 1

Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman: Complete Season 1B

Lord of Misrule | 2023


Dinosaur: Complete Season 1

She Came to Me | 2023


The Fable: Series Premiere


GO! GO! Loser Ranger!: Series Premiere

Mission: Yozakura Family: Series Premiere (Subbed)


Ishura: Complete Season 1 (Dubbed)


The Grudge | 2020

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies | 2018


Blood Free: Two-Episode Series Premiere

Grand Cayman: Secrets in Paradise: Series Premiere

The Incredible Dr. Pol: Season 24 Premiere

Sand Land: The Series: Two Episode Premiere (Dubbed)

Curtain Call: Complete Season 1

Kusama: Infinity | 2018


Cold Case Files: The Rifkin Murders: Complete Season 1

Scraps: Complete Season 1

#TextMeWhenYouGetHome: Complete Season 2

Immediate Family | 2022

Trapped in the Farmhouse | 2023


The Channel | 2023

The Greatest Hits | 2024


Alone | 2020


A Kind Of Murder | 2016

The Stranger | 2020


See You in Another Life: Complete Season 1

Under the Bridge: Series Premiere

Drain the Oceans: Season 6 Premiere

Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet: Season 12 Premiere


All You Can Eat: Complete Season 1

Secrets of Miss America: Complete Season 1

60 Days In: Complete Season 8

Amish Stud: The Eli Weaver Story | 2023

Blacklight | 2022


FX’s Welcome to Wrexham: Season 3 Premiere

Tattoo Fixers: Complete Seasons 1-4


High Hopes: Complete Season 1

The Marijuana Revolution: Complete Season 1


Hip-Hop and The White House: Documentary

Secrets of the Octopus: Special Premiere

Little Women | 2019

Yes, God, Yes | 2019


The Meg | 2018


Wonderful World: Complete Season 1

Talking Sabor: Complete Season 1


Booked: First Day In: Complete Season 1

Mountain Men: Complete Season 11

Wahlburgers: Complete Season 7

Barber | 2023

Boy in the Walls | 2023


Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story: Complete Docuseries


FX’s The New York Times Presents: Broken Horses: Special Premiere

American Woman | 2018


Isn’t It Romantic | 2019

Stars at Noon | 2022

Welcome to Smelliville | 2021


FX’s The Veil: Limited Series Premiere


We also have the list of titles that are leaving the streaming service.


Savage Salvation | 2022


The Menu | 2022


Monster Family 2: Nobody’s Perfect | 2021


Son of Bigfoot | 2017


Beast of Burden | 2018

Mr. Right | 2015

The Program | 2015


The War With Grandpa | 2020


Black Death | 2010

Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon | 2015

The Two Faces Of January | 2014


Benediction | 2021


Banana Split | 2018


Permanent | 2017


Escape from Pretoria | 2020


Billionaire Boys Club | 2018

Blade Runner 2049 | 2017

Downhill | 2020

Failure to Launch | 2006

Ghostbusters II | 1989

Ghostbusters | 1984

Goosebumps | 2015

The Last Duel | 2021

Ong-Bak 3 | 2010

Ong-Bak 2 | 2008

Ong Bak | 2003

Pacific Rim | 2013

Pacific Rim: Uprising | 2018

The Personal History Of David Copperfield | 2020

Shazam! | 2019

Shazam! Fury of the Gods | 2023

Sisters | 2015

Stand by Me | 1986

Take This Waltz | 2011

Wonder Woman | 2017