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Reginald the Vampire Season 2 Trailer and Key Art Revealed

SYFY has revealed the official trailer and key art for the second season of Reginald the Vampire, which will premiere on May 8, 2024, at 10 p.m. on SYFY.

Reginald Andres finally got his life together – when he was turned into a vampire.

Reginald the Vampire Season 2 Trailer and Key Art Revealed

While he doesn’t fit into the stereotypical expectations of what a vampire looks like – he’s not chiseled or classically handsome – Reginald has found his place amongst an unlikely cohort that includes the cool vampire who sired him, the former vampire chieftain turned unexpected ally (or is she?), and his co-worker/former girlfriend.

A show with a lot of heart and just enough blood, Reginald the Vampire proves the undead life is just as complicated as life itself.

The series stars Jacob Batalon (Spider-Man: Far from Home, Spider-Man: No Way Home), Em Haine (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), Mandela Van Peebles (Mayor of Kingstown), Savannah Basley (SurrealEstate), Marguerite Hanna (Ashley Weeks), Aren Buchholz (Supernatural), and Georgia Waters (Siren).

Harley Peyton (Chucky) is the showrunner and executive producer, along with Jeremiah Chechik, Todd Berger, Lindsay Macadam, Brett Burlock, and Peter Emerson.

“The only thing better than getting the opportunity to make a season of television with SYFY is to get the opportunity to do it again,” said Harley Peyton when the show was renewed in January of 2023. “All of us – cast and crew, writers, producers, and — can hardly wait.”

Reginald the Vampire is produced by Great Pacific Media Inc., Modern Story Company, December Films, and Cineflix Studios. It is based on Johnny B. Truant’s “Fat Vampire” book series.

Reginald the Vampire Season 2