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Prime Video Renews Coach Prime and Greenlights Sports Docs

Today, Prime Video greenlit four new sports documentaries, including a four-part documentary on NASCAR icon Dale Earnhardt Sr., a four-part series chronicling the history of the Madden video game franchise, an anthology series about the most epic Game 7s throughout sports history, and a true-crime documentary about ChiefsAholic, the notorious Kansas City Chiefs superfan and serial bank robber.

Prime Video also announced the renewal of the Emmy-nominated docu-follow series Coach Prime for a third season. For the upcoming season, Coach Prime will once again transport fans inside the locker room and onto the field of Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders’ University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) football program.

Prime Video Renews Coach Prime and Greenlights Sports Docs

Coach Prime is executive produced by SMAC Entertainment’s Constance Schwartz-Morini, Michael Strahan, FredAnthony Smith, and Jamie Elias. Micah Brown also serves as executive producer and showrunner. Coach Prime is produced by SMAC Productions, a division of SMAC Entertainment, for Prime Video Sports.

All four documentaries and Season 3 of Coach Prime will premiere exclusively on Prime Video.


The history of the Earnhardt family is the history of NASCAR—you can’t tell the story of one without the other—and at the center of the Earnhardt family was Dale Earnhardt Sr., the most influential figure the sport has ever known.

A charismatic, working-class hero to millions of fans, Dale Sr., spent the better part of two decades as the most visible figure in stock car racing, breaking through the confines of the sport’s regional fan base to mainstream notoriety, racking up millions in endorsement deals from Coca-Cola to Wheaties, and appearing on daytime TV and late-night talk shows.

From one generation to the next, racing would bring the Earnhardt family together, but it wasn’t always an easy road. Now, with unparalleled access and never-before-seen archival material, the Untitled Earnhardt Documentary promises a profound, revealing, and definitive account of a historic American family.

Presented by Prime Video Sports, the Untitled Earnhardt Documentary is produced by Imagine Documentaries, NASCAR Studios, and Everyone Else in association with Dirty Mo Media. The series is executive produced by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Sara Bernstein, and Justin Wilkes of Imagine Entertainment; Matt Summers and Tim Clark of NASCAR Studios; and TJ Martin, Dan Lindsay, and Tony Mayhoff.

It’s one of the biggest video games of all time, a groundbreaking brand that became a worldwide phenomenon, spanning generations—but it almost never happened…

The Untitled EA Madden Documentary reveals the never-been-told story of Madden NFL, from its archaic 8-bit origins to its success as an annual must-have—against all odds. For the first time ever, EA Sports is opening its vault of rare and never-been-seen footage while also allowing cameras to follow along as the team finishes the next generation of the game.

What started as an unlikely pairing between a computer whiz and a football legend ignited a revolution and triggered a seismic collision between the worlds of jocks and geeks. They should have failed. Instead, their game changed the game—and our culture, too.

Presented by Prime Video and A+E Factual Studios group, the Untitled EA Madden Documentary is produced by the A+E Factual Studios group, SMAC Productions, Misher Films, and MTP. The series is executive produced by Kevin Misher and Andy Berman of Misher Films, and Michael Strahan, Constance Schwartz-Morini, and FredAnthony Smith of SMAC Entertainment.

Mike Tollin of MTP; Sandy Montag of The Montag Group; Steve Ascher, Kristy Sabat, and Jessica Conway of A+E Factual Studios; Daryl Holt, Seann Graddy, and Julie Foster of EA Sports; and Nathan Caswell, Jeremiah Zagar, and Jeremy Yaches of Public Record are also executive producing. Caswell and Zagar are set to direct.

Game 7 brings the two greatest words in the world of sports to life in a new five-part anthology series. With first-hand accounts from the athletes who participated in these high-stakes showdowns, each episode goes behind the scenes to unpack what it takes to compete on the sport’s biggest stage.

From the Chicago Cubs’ drought-shattering 2016 World Series victory to the New York Rangers’ Game 7 win in the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals, the series will explore how this quintessential test of maximum pressure and extreme intensity weighs on the hearts and minds of the legendary stars at the center of them.

Game 7 is produced by Words + Pictures and directed by Daniel Amigone. Game 7 is executive produced by Connor Schell, Aaron Cohen, and Anneka Jones of Words + Pictures; Mark Messier, Mat Vlasic, and Isaac Chera of Game 7; and Danny DeVito, Jake DeVito, and Lucy DeVito of Jersey Films 2nd Avenue.

ChiefsAholic: A Wolf in Chief’s Clothing is a true-crime documentary that unravels the story of Kansas City Chiefs superfan and serial bank robber Xaviar Babudar—famously known as “ChiefsAholic.” Recognized for his distinctive wolf costume and boisterous social media antics, Babudar rose to fame as one of Kansas City’s most fervent fans.

However, a suspected secret life came to light when he was arrested in Bixby, Oklahoma, in December 2022 for what police claim to be a string of bank robberies. Through interviews granted by Babudar himself, ChiefsAholic: A Wolf in Chiefs Clothing explores critical moments in the events surrounding Babudar’s arrest and offers a firsthand perspective on his subsequent journey.

Presented by Prime Video, ChiefsAholic: A Wolf in Chiefs Clothing is produced by DreamCrew Entertainment, North of Now, and Five All in the Fifth Entertainment and directed by Dylan Sires. ChiefsAholic: A Wolf in Chiefs Clothing is executive produced by Aubrey Drake Graham of DreamCrew Entertainment, Andrew Renzi of North of Now, and Douglas Banker of Five All in the Fifth.