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Pillowcase Murders Examines Serial Killer Billy Chemirmir

Paramount+ has announced that the three-part docuseries Pillowcase Murders will premiere exclusively on the service beginning Tuesday, May 14.

Directed by true-crime filmmaker Randy Ferrell, the series reveals how an unknown serial killer, Billy Chemirmir, preyed upon the residents of high-end retirement communities and left a trail of death and devastation in his wake.

Pillowcase Murders Examines Serial Killer Billy Chemirmir

When dozens of women enjoying their golden years unexpectedly died at Senior Living Communities across the Dallas area, authorities classified the deaths as natural causes. No one suspected that a cold-blooded serial killer posing as a maintenance man was targeting one of the most vulnerable populations: elderly women.

Pillowcase Murders unravels how Chemirmir operated undetected for nearly two years, exploiting a demographic that’s often forgotten.

Over the three episodes, the series uncovers the shocking oversights and security failures that allowed the killer to pursue his reign of terror unimpeded. The victims’ families felt doubly tormented – at the hands of the killer and by the people they entrusted to protect their loved ones.

Only a few individuals, including the victims’ daughters, security guards, and a dedicated, observant group of Plano police officers, were able to pull the fractured pieces together that eventually uncovered the monster among them – one who stalked and violently smothered dozens of victims with their own pillows.

Once the horrific truth came to light – that these women didn’t die of natural causes – outraged family members demanded justice and accountability from those who stood by and did nothing as the body count rose.

Randy Ferrell directed Pillowcase Murders. The executive producers are David Karabinas, Brad Bernstein, James Macnab, Loni Coombs, and Randy Ferrell. For See It Now Studios, Susan Zirinsky and Terence Wrong executive produce, and Aysu Saliba and Cara Tortora supervise.