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discovery+ May 2022 Premieres Announced

Discovery has announced the Discovery Plus May 2022 premieres. discovery+ is a non-fiction, real-life subscription streaming service from Warner Bros. Discovery.

The Discovery Plus May 2022 slate features Love in the Jungle, in which singles are ready to find true love as millions of animal species do, participating in mating rituals pulled right from the animal kingdom.

Discovery Plus May 2022 Premieres Announced

Also coming is Jailhouse Redemption, which tells the story of a local sheriff who created a life-changing drug treatment program in a county jail, providing incarcerated people with a chance to get their lives back.

In a fresh take on a fan-favorite series, Ghost Adventures: House Calls follows Zak Bagans and the crew as they travel the country to help everyday people understand the paranormal experiences in their homes and businesses, answering unexplained questions that only this group of experts could.

The Discovery Plus May 2022 slate also includes Taste of the Border. Chef Claudia Sandoval explores the culinary landscape of the US-Mexico border, from San Diego to South Padre Island, exploring the diverse culinary landscape of often-overlooked border towns.

And Baby Drivers explores the arena of competitive go-karting, an intense world of kids and parents hoping to be the next racing superstar.

In the U.S., discover+ offers more than 55,000 episodes all in one place, with over 2,500 current and classic shows from Discovery’s iconic portfolio of networks, including HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, OWN, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet.

discovery+ features a partnership with Verizon that gives their customers with select plans up to 12 months of discovery+ on Verizon. discovery+ is also available on platforms and devices from Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Roku and Samsung.



Love in the Jungle – Sunday, May 8
Is the key to finding true love mating like animals rather than dating like humans? In a ground-breaking new series that pushes the dating scene into the world of nature, fourteen unlucky-in-love singles are ready to test that theory as they participate in mating rituals pulled straight from the animal kingdom – and do so with little to no verbal communication.

For these singles, it’s the chance to unleash their inner animals and hone their natural instincts in the ultimate pursuit of true love.


Jailhouse Redemption – Premiering in May
Sheriff Karl Leonard’s law enforcement career in Chesterfield, VA, has spanned four decades, with the last as sheriff with oversight of the county’s two jails. After learning that a staggering 80% of the men and women who enter his prisons are heroin addicts, Leonard made the bold move to step out of bounds and create a first-of-its-kind recovery program to try to end the deadly cycle of arrests, time served with no treatment, release, and repeat.

“Jailhouse Redemption” documents the program Leonard created, the Heroin Addiction Recovery Program (HARP), and his team who forged a path to recovery for addicts while running the day-to-day operations of HARP at the Chesterfield County Jail.

Baby Drivers – Premiering in May
In the high-stakes world of motorsports, there is nothing more intense than the world around competitive go-karting. For Troy’s Adams of the legendary Adams Motorsports Park, the only African American owned track in the country, go-karting is more than a hobby, it’s a platform to raise up a new generation of racing superstars.

For the dads and moms of kids who are dangerously turning corners at 70mph, it’s a world of extreme hazard, where families will spend up to $10,000 in a weekend and put their lives on hold to support their young drivers. In this series, the kids go too fast, and the parents go too far in the name of the future of racing.


Taste of the Border – Thursday, May 5
Chef Claudia Sandoval traverses the US-Mexico border, exploring the diverse culinary landscape of often-overlooked border towns. Having grown up along the border herself, Claudia is uniquely suited to highlight the delicious and surprising food delighting locals and visitors as she eats her way through a food road map and explores some of these towns.

From San Diego, California, to South Padre Island, Texas, Claudia discovers how the food from each town showcases a blending of flavors and cultures from the US and Mexico, as well as other unexpected influences.

Messy History of American Food – Wednesday, May 11
Dive mouth-first into the history of America’s most iconic foods! In a wild ride that’s hilarious, surprising, and educational, experts shine a light on the messiest origin stories of American food and food culture.


Ghost Adventures: House Calls – Thursday, May 19
Paranormal investigators Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley respond to urgent calls for help from desperate homeowners whose lives have been thrust into turmoil from unexplained activity inside their homes. After hearing each family’s haunted account, Bagans sends the crew on a personal house call to get to the bottom of their paranormal emergency.

Conducting a thorough investigation, Bagans shares the team’s findings with each homeowner, offering them much-needed advice and resolution.

Alien Endgame – Friday, May 20
In 2021, a groundbreaking Pentagon report revealed what the government had denied for decades — UFOs are real and may even pose a threat to our planet. Now, former members of the U.S. military break their silence about the massive cover-up of their terrifying close encounters. Are we prepared for an alien invasion?


Two Shallow Graves – Friday, May 22
In 2019, Charles “Chase” Merritt went on trial for the murder of his friend and business associate Joseph McStay, McStay’s wife, and their two young sons. The prosecution presented incriminating evidence, including bank records, cell phone activity, and DNA placing him in McStay’s car. Merritt maintained his innocence, and his defense team suggested another man had a motive for murder.

Over the course of seven gripping parts, Two Shallow Graves gives an enthralling and never-before-seen look at Merritt’s murder trial and the investigation into the McStay murders through interviews with Merritt, the prosecution, and the defense. The series sheds new light on the controversial court case that captivated the nation and the questions around the heartbreaking crime that still linger unanswered.

Fight or Flight – Premieres Tuesday, May 26
This powerful and unflinching follow-docuseries exposes the horrors and frequency of domestic violence and human trafficking through the work of former Bollywood actress, human rights advocate, and abuse survivor Somy Ali. Fight or Flight follows the day-to-day work Somy does to help transform victims into survivors.

From engaging with authorities to extricate victims from their abusers to connecting victims with legal, medical, or educational counsel to finding them a safe and stable place to live, Somy helps survivors rebuild their lives and discover the independence they were denied for so long.


Mind for Design Season 2 – Friday, May 6
Interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn creates breathtaking spaces with an eclectic yet distinctive style. Along with his skilled design team, Brian tackles decorating projects on any budget or within any scope, all with a dash of humor.

Zoe Bakes Season 2 – Friday, May 13
Zoë François bakes and cooks her favorite recipes, from easy main dishes to delicious desserts, with a little help from her friends and family.

Restoration Road with Clint Harp Season 2 – Friday, May 20
Carpenter Clint Harp hits the road in search of incredible historical structures across the country that are in need of restoration while exploring their origins and dreaming of their futures.

The Retro Plant Shop with Mikey & Jo – Friday, May 20
With help from her big sister, Joanna Gaines, Mikey McCall launches the business of her dreams: a retro-inspired plant shop that blends her passion for gardening with her love of unique, vintage items.

Rooms We Love – Friday, May 27
Passionate interior designers show off their favorite rooms in beautiful houses across the country, explaining what makes these rooms inspirational.


Mountain Trails – Thursday, May 26
Many people often dream of hiking the slopes and trails of the greatest mountain ranges in the world but do not have the means or access to do so. In this film, we will take the viewer on an excursion to the best mountain ranges around the globe. From the European Alps to the Asian Himalayas, the Andes in South America, the Rocky Mountains in the North, and some key mountain ranges in South Africa.