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Baby Fever Season 2 to Debut on Netflix in August

Netflix has announced that season two of the romantic comedy-drama Baby Fever, starring Josephine Park in the lead role, will launch globally on August 22, 2024.

The fertility doctor, Nana, is now a mother to a two-month-old baby. But Nana hates being on maternity leave. Surrounded by pizza boxes, baby lullabies, and sheer boredom, she makes the drastic decision to beg her old boss, Helle, to give her back her job.

Baby Fever Season 2 to Debut on Netflix in August

Helle agrees, but only if Nana can start tomorrow. Now in desperate need of a babysitter, the only option is her eccentric mother, the desktop singer Lisa LaCour, who, as a babysitter arrangement from hell, moves into Nana’s tiny apartment.

At Dovi, Helle has hired a new star doctor, the flawless Hampus, who, with his Swedish perfectness, makes it difficult for Nana to reclaim her rockstar status at the clinic. Just when Nana thinks it can’t get any worse, she bumps into her old flame, Mathias, who still doesn’t know he’s the father to her child.

Baby Fever Season 2

More than ever, Nana feels tempted to lie, but more than ever, she should tell the truth.

The cast of Baby Fever Season 2 includes Josephine Park, Olivia Joof, Simon Sears, Tammi Øst, Mikael Birkkjær, Charlotte Munck, Oscar Töringe, and Trisha Fernández m.fl.

Simon Sears as Mathias, Cherie Celeste Malone as Lucia.

Amalie Næsby Fick and Nikolaj Feifer created the show for Netflix. Dorthe Riis Lauridsen is the producer, and Piv Bernth is the executive producer.

Baby Fever comes from Danish production company Apple Tree Productions, which develops and produces high-quality drama series for Danish, Nordic, and international audiences.

Josephine Park as Nana.

The company was founded by Lars Hermann and Piv Bernth in 2017, with ITV Studios as a partner.

Apple Tree is also behind international successes like Equinox, Blackwater (Best Series Award in International Panorama at Series Mania), One of the Boys, and Chorus Girls (Golden Nymph Award for best actress at Monte-Carlo, Marie Reuther).

Josephine Park as Nana and Simon Sears as Mathias.
Oscar Töringe as Hampus, Charlotte Munk as Helle and Josephine Park as Nana.
Mikael Birkkjær as Anders, Olivia Joof Lewerissa as Simone, Oscar Töringe as Hampus, Josephine Park as Nana, Charlotte Munk as Helle and Jesper Ole Feit as Anton.
Josephine Park as Nana.
Josephine Park as Nana and Tammi Øst as Lise.
Josephine Park as Nana in Baby Fever Season 2.