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Acorn TV September 2022 Schedule Announced

Acorn TV has announced the titles that are coming to the AMC-owned streaming service in September. The Acorn TV September 2022 lineup adds to the service’s wide variety of acclaimed English and foreign-language dramas, engaging comedies, documentaries, and more.

The Acorn TV September 2022 schedule includes the new series Recipes for Love and Murder, the prequel Mystery Road: Origin, and Bäckström Season 2.

The Acorn TV September 2022 titles are available at Acorn.TV and on Prime Video Channels, Apple TV, Roku, YouTube TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity, iOS, Android, Cox, and more.

Acorn TV September 2022 Schedule Announced


RECIPES FOR LOVE AND MURDER (Acorn TV Original) – New Series Premieres Monday, September 5. Two episodes weekly.
Based on Sally Andrew’s acclaimed, bestselling A Tannie Maria Mystery novels, this dangerously delicious drama follows an advice columnist (Maria Doyle Kennedy, Outlander, Orphan Black, Kin, The Tudors), who dishes out guidance and tasty recipes for a small-town newspaper in the vibrant region of the Karoo in South Africa. Things take an unexpected turn when a correspondent who writes to Tannie Maria (“Auntie Maria” in Afrikaans) about her abusive husband is found dead.

Maria’s worlds collide as she begins working through her own mysterious past to try to solve the case. Maria joins forces with a risk-taking, rookie journalist and sometimes rival, Jessie September (newcomer Kylie Fisher), to investigate the murder and catch the killer – before the local police find more victims. But will they make too many enemies in the process and risk the perpetrator catching them first?

Acorn TV September 2022

Also starring Tony Kgoroge (Black Sails, Invictus, Long Walk to Freedom), Recipes for Love and Murder is produced by Both Worlds Pictures, in coproduction with M-Net and Acorn Media Enterprises and in collaboration with Pirate Productions and Paradoxal. The co-executive producers are Annie Griffin, director Christiaan Olwagen, and Maria Doyle Kennedy.

Executive producers are Yolisa Phahle, Nomsa Philiso, Jan du Plessis, and Allan Sperling for M-Net; Catherine Mackin and Lesley Pemberton for Acorn Media Enterprises; and Thierry Cassuto and Karen Jeynes for Both Worlds Pictures.

Acorn TV September 2022 - Mystery Road: Origin

MYSTERY ROAD: ORIGIN – Premieres Monday, September 26. Two episodes weekly on Mondays.
A prequel to Acorn TV’s multiple award-winning Australian procedural series Mystery Road, a new actor steps in to play young Indigenous detective Jay Swan. It’s 1999, and Constable Swan (Mark Coles Smith, Halifax: Retribution), a charismatic young officer, arrives at his new station. Fresh from the city and tipped for big things, Jay might be the new copper, but he’s not new to this town.

His estranged father Jack (Kelton Pell, The Gods of Wheat Street) lives here, as does the woman who will change his life forever, Mary (Tuuli Narkle). Mystery Road: Origin will explore how a tragic death, an epic love, and the brutal reality of life as a police officer straddling two worlds form the indelible mold out of which Detective Jay Swan will emerge.

BÄCKSTRÖM Season 2 – All episodes premiere on Monday, September 19 (Swedish, w/English subtitles)
Based on Leif GW Persson’s novel Can You Die Twice?, this series revolves around detective Evert Bäckström (Kjell Bergqvist), a man famous for having solved 99% of all cases he has taken on. In season 2, Bäckström is still making tabloid headlines with his ability to solve murders quickly and efficiently – and arrogantly.

But when his rival, celebrity lawyer Tomas Eriksson, is murdered, it proves difficult not to let emotions interfere with the investigation. The evidence points in multiple directions, and before long, more dead bodies are found.



Recipes for Love and Murder (Acorn TV Original) | Episodes 1 and 2 of 10
Episode 1: Bereft Woman
When newspaper editor Hattie tells Maria (Maria Doyle Kennedy, Outlander, Orphan Black) that her recipe column is being discontinued, Maria and rookie journalist Jessie compete to write the new advice column—and, of course, Maria squeezes a recipe in there, too. One of Maria’s letter writers is a woman with an abusive husband, and when Jessie happens at a crime scene, they quickly figure out that the victim is Maria’s letter writer, Martine.

Episode 2: Sex Cake
Maria, Jessie, and local detective Khaya are all trying to solve Martine’s murder. The prime suspects are Dirk, Martine’s husband, and Anna, her best friend, who was also in love with her. Meanwhile, in Scotland, two people are trying to trace Maria. (2 EPS, 2022)

Genius of the Modern World | All episodes
Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Sigmund Freud changed the landscape of the modern world. Together, they re-imagined global economics, questioned the very foundations of morality and society, and unraveled the workings of the human mind. Historian Bettany Hughes uncovers the personal lives of the men behind the famous theories.

Traveling to Europe, Bettany explores the social and political climates in which these great thinkers lived, shining a light on how these genius ideas have been manipulated, misunderstood, and ultimately influenced the way we think. (3 EPS, 2016)


Recipes for Love and Murder (Acorn TV Original) | Episodes 3 and 4 of 10
Episode 3: Do You Lick Everything
While scrutinizing the crime scene late at night, Jessie and Maria hear another murder taking place, as Martine’s gardener, Lawrence, is killed. Scared off from investigating, Maria tries to help a man who has been deceiving his fiancée, and Jessie helps her mother solve a mystery at the local hospital.

Episode 4: Operation Vetkoek
Martine’s cousin Candy arrives in town to plan the funeral, and she quickly gets in the way of Jessie and Regardt’s budding romance. With Jessie avoiding the office, Maria focuses on a letter writer in search of her father and tries to avoid her Scottish connections, who are still looking for her. After learning what Grace had to say about Martine, Candy is convinced she knows who the killer is. (2 EPS, 2022)

Swallowed by the Sea: Ancient Egypt’s Greatest Lost City | All episodes
We follow a team of maritime archaeologists as they uncover glorious temples, statues, houses, and boats beneath the sea: a unique snapshot of ancient Egyptian life. In the 4th century BC, the city of Heracleion was a prosperous port adorned with statues and sphinxes and home to the temple of Amun.

Despite its importance, Heracleion then mysteriously disappears from the history records, as if wiped off the face of the earth. In 2000, the city’s remains were finally discovered – 6 kilometers off the Egyptian coast and 10 meters under water – pristinely preserved. (Film, 2014)


Recipes for Love and Murder (Acorn TV Original) | Episodes 5 and 6 of 10
Episode 5: A Shoe Murder
Maria and Candy confront John, Martine’s ex, but he insists he’s innocent. Marius Rabie, a local property developer, puts pressure on Dirk to sell his land to him and tries to get the Gazette to stop running articles with a political angle. Maria unravels the misunderstanding about what happened between Regardt and Candy.

Episode 6: Breakfast for Dinner
Prison escapees Dirk and Anna attack John, believing him to be the killer. While Candy begins a flirtation with Khaya, Maria tries to help a letter writer with a very unusual doughnut problem. At Martine’s funeral, her father collapses and is rushed to the hospital. Khaya confides in Maria that he suspects Martine’s brother could be the killer. (2 EPS, 2022)

Bäckström, Season 2 | All episodes
Master detective Evert Bäckström (Kjell Bergqvist) is in peak form. He is still making tabloid headlines with his ability to solve murders quickly and efficiently – and arrogantly.

But when his rival, celebrity lawyer Tomas Eriksson, is murdered, it proves difficult not to let emotions interfere in the investigation. The evidence points in multiple directions, and before long, more dead bodies are found.

The motive connecting the murders seems to be an old music box from Russia depicting the storybook character Pinocchio, worth 300 million kronor. Lies abound, and it doesn’t take long before Bäckström himself starts to hide things from his colleagues in the police department.

He wants to solve the crime and claim Pinocchio for himself. His friend, art expert G Gurra, is going to help him get it. But everything becomes complicated when Ankan seriously begins to question Bäckström’s leadership – and honesty. Finally, Bäckström’s greed puts him in real danger. Foreign language, Swedish, w/English subtitles (6 EPS, 2022)

The Secret Story of Stuff: Materials of the Modern Age | All episodes
Material scientist Zoe Laughlin has been obsessed with the material world all her life. From her workshop in the heart of London, Zoe explains the science behind new materials that will change six key aspects of our lives.

Innovation in healthcare, construction, fashion, transport, defense, and communication are driving society forward. Zoe takes us on a journey like no other, meeting the scientists and entrepreneurs who want to use fungus to grow the homes of the future and create new digital storage from the most common material on the surface of our planet: sand. (Film, 2018)


Recipes for Love and Murder (Acorn TV Original) | Episodes 7 and 8 of 10
Episode 7: Enough Sweet Potatoes
A last-minute will by Martine’s dad is not what it seems, and the doctor reveals the truth about his collapse. While Maria tries to help some sparring siblings, she gets a death threat and is placed under police protection. Maria’s memories of the past keep haunting her, and she and Jessie start to wonder if they have been missing something obvious all along.

Episode 8: Pomegranate Juice and Vodka
Maria helps a letter writer struggling with her faith and finally figures out who has been following her around town. Jessie’s cousin, who works at the Koop, has a tip-off for her. Khaya and Maria bond over dinner, but their evening is cut short when they get a shocking call. (2 EPS, 2022)

Acorn TV September 2022

Mystery Road: Origin (Acorn TV Original)| | Episodes 1 and 2 of 6
Episode 1: Young police constable Jay Swan (Mark Coles Smith, Halifax: Retribution) starts a new job in an outback mining town where he spent his youth. Whilst investigating a series of robberies and pursuing the truth behind a personal tragedy, he meets the love of his life.

Episode 2: After a bizarre robbery, Jay leads a visit to a local gang that quickly escalates. Anousha seeks clues about Josh Allen’s death, and after the town’s celebrations at the annual debutante ball, Jay’s night takes a tragic turn. (2 EPS, 2022)

Mary Berry: Love to Cook | All episodes
Mary Berry will share the joy of our obsession with food, from cooking and growing to sharing it. Across six delightful episodes, Mary is going to meet Britain’s most passionate cooks, growers, and makers, share their inspirational stories, and have a taste of their delicious dishes and produce – revealing the power food has to bring us joy, change lives, shape futures, and transform fortunes. (6 EPS, 2021)