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The Gentlemen Release Date and Posters Revealed

Netflix has announced that The Gentlemen, the new series from Guy Ritchie, will launch on the streaming service on March 7, 2024. They have also shared more character details and posters, which you can view by scrolling down.

The Gentlemen sees Eddie Horniman (Theo James) unexpectedly inherit his father’s sizable country estate – only to discover it’s part of a cannabis empire. Moreover, a host of unsavory characters from Britain’s criminal underworld want a piece of the operation.

The Gentlemen Release Date and Posters Revealed

Determined to extricate his family from their clutches, Eddie tries to play the gangsters at their own game. However, as he gets sucked into the world of criminality, he begins to find a taste for it.

The series is set in the world of The Gentlemen film, with a whole new cast, combining Hollywood talent and British film and TV legends. The series offers depth into this criminal world and a new story to get stuck into.

Theo James as Eddie Horniman in The Gentlemen

The eight-episode series also stars Chanel Cresswell, Michael Vu, Max Beesley, Jasmine Blackborow, Harry Goodwins, Dar Salim, Pearce Quigley, Ruby Sear, Peter Serafinowicz, Ray Winstone, and Guz Khan.

Guy Ritchie created the show and wrote with Matthew Read, Haleema Mirza, Billy and Theo Mason Wood, Stuart Carolan, and John Jackson. The directors are Ritchie, Nima Nourizadeh, Eran Creevy, and David Caffrey.

The producer is Hugh Warren, and the executive producers include Ritchie, Will Gould, Matthew Read, Frith Tiplady, Marc Helwig, Bill Block, Ivan Atkinson, and Marn Davies.

The Gentlemen is co-produced by Netflix, Moonage Pictures, and Miramax TV.


Eddie is the second son of the Duke of Halstead and, as such, never expected to inherit a thing. That’s why he created a life for himself, excelling at Sandhurst and achieving the rank of Captain in the British Army.

But when his father suddenly dies, stipulating in the will that his title and the accompanying 15,000 acres of land will go to his second rather than firstborn son, Eddie’s life makes a fundamental pivot. It’s a role he never wanted and perhaps believed wasn’t within him, but gradually, Eddie will find himself increasingly comfortable in his father’s shoes.

As Eddie contends with the unexpected criminal responsibilities that come with owning this English country estate, his character will be tested like never before.

Theo James in The Gentlemen

Effortlessly stylish and sardonic and inheriting her fair share of Bobby Glass’ steeliness, Susie oversees her father’s criminal organization on his behalf. Susie is something of a chameleon; from inner-city boxing gyms to high-society galas, there are few places she can’t seamlessly fit in.

Susie uses a combination of sophistication and sophistry to iron out the usual kinks that occur in the running of Bobby’s business, but when Eddie starts making problems for her early on, she finds her patience quickly wearing thin.

Susie slowly begins to see the rationale for her father’s interest in this enterprising young man as her and Eddie’s relationship and rapport develop across the series. However, when the Glass Empire comes under increasing pressure, Susie is clear about where her ultimate priorities lie.

Freddy always knew he was the heir to the Halstead estate, which is why he never succeeded at anything. His life to date has been an inconsequential stream of parties, drug-taking, and embarrassing business misadventures.

He is the Anti-Midas; everything he touches turns to dust and debt. When he discovers that his inheritance has been passed over to his younger brother, a fissure erupts within Freddy, which no amount of cocaine can fill.

Freddy is bereft of purpose and leans even harder into his impulsiveness and reactivity. But when the criminal elements at Halstead begin to infiltrate the lives of the Hornimans, a creative spark begins to flicker within Freddy: this might just be the making of him.

Geoff is the gamekeeper of Halstead Manor. He knows every inch of the estate and cares deeply for the land, as well as the assortment of creatures that roam upon it. Stoic, stolid, and unswervingly loyal to the Hornimans, Geoff takes a certain pride in knowing his exact place within society’s structure and is ever respectful of the line between family and staff.

There is a quiet sorrow to Geoff, owing to a secret he has kept for many years; nevertheless, as Eddie learns to deal with the illicit activity on the Halstead grounds, Geoff will make himself available as an ever-present rock to the new Duke.

A repository of sage wisdom and sloe gin is always to be found within the gamekeeper’s cottage.

Sabrina Horniman, Eddie’s mother, is the Dowager Duchess of Halstead. Upstanding and honest, she exudes a chilly maternal gentility. Though she may present as a part of the typical horse-riding country set, this is a front for a more salacious past and a caustic sense of humor.

Often the smartest person in the room, but with very little need to prove it, Sabrina becomes increasingly concerned about the danger Eddie encounters as he tangles with the particulars of the criminal world.

Though we sense that there are parts of Sabrina’s life of which her family is not yet aware, Sabrina is resolute in supporting all her children with a discretion learned from years by the side of their father.

An extravagantly wealthy American, Stanley Johnston, A.K.A Uncle Stan, is not your archetypal dealer and distributor of methamphetamines. Uncle Stan is obsessed with the history, iconography, and architecture of the British aristocracy.

He retains a manservant, socializes with a minor European royal, and practically lives in the most exclusive gentlemen’s club in London.

Stan’s fascination with all things posh might go some way to explaining his tailored interest in the new Duke of Halstead, but there are those who suspect Stan’s attack may be two-pronged: with his true goal set on securing Bobby Glass’ substantial market share.

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