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The Changemakers First Look From Paramount+

Paramount+ has announced that all eight episodes of the new docuseries The Changemakers will premiere exclusively on the service globally on Monday, January 1.

Produced by Paramount International Television Studios in partnership with Proper Content Ltd, the series follows an A-team of impassioned campaigners as they discover the work of several remarkable activists and their respective communities around the world.

The Changemakers First Look From Paramount+

The Changemakers explores several topical issues, including mental health, LGBTQ+ and transgender rights in the USA, the UK’s cost of living crisis, the link between systemic racism and maternal mortality, immigration, and the environment – particularly access to clean water and overfishing.

With episodes spanning the U.K., U.S., Ghana, Denmark, and Lithuania, each episode sees a ‘Changemaker’ partner with a community figure for two weeks to inspire, expand, and understand their situation. The Changemakers’ visit culminates in a public campaign to galvanize supporters and paint a lasting legacy for those fighting for positive change.


Seán Binder: After spending 106 days in a Greek jail for rescuing refugees from drowning off the coast, Sean spent the time awaiting his trial’s verdict fighting for underrepresented communities, migrants, and asylum seekers through their legal rights. He brings to The Changemakers his vast experience of international judicial systems, plus degrees in human rights law and international relations.

Trinice McNally: Known across the USA for her transformative efforts around equitable and inclusive college campuses that foster the growth of historically marginalized students, powerful Changemaker Trinice is a Black, queer feminist, migrant, and survivor who is committed to the liberation of oppressed people with a wealth of high-profile grassroots work to her name.

Dr. Waheed Arian: Afghanistan-born Dr. Waheed’s path to medicine started in refugee camps. Smuggled to the UK at 15 years old, he continued his studies with hopes of making a difference and was eventually accepted to Cambridge University.

With an in-built passion for reducing inequities in physical and mental healthcare, Dr. Waheed is now a leading NHS Emergency Room doctor and founder of a worldwide telemedicine charity.

Flavia Broffoni: Activist, Political scientist, and Extinction Rebellion Argentina co-founder Flavia has over 20 years of experience advocating environmental policy change. She is a proud spokesperson against mining corporations and big investors for marginalized, rural communities in Latin America.

Her work as a Changemaker seeks to engage city-dwellers in the fight against the climate crisis and advocate for those who have been on the frontlines since the beginning.

The series has been produced for Paramount+ as part of Content for Change, the company’s global initiative that aims to counteract racism, bias, stereotypes, and hate on and off-screen through three pillars, one of which is focused on systemically transforming the creative supply chain.

The Changemakers is directed by Emanuel Ayettey, Libby Overton, Dominic Sivyer, Matt David, Lindsay Konieczny, James Hilton, and Oliver Sloane alongside executive producers Nick Betts, David DeHaney, and Rachel Harvie for Proper Content.

Richard Chang-Warburton, Tanya Malcom-Revell, Ari Tan, Georgia Arnold, and Juan “JC” Acosta Executive Produced for Paramount Television International Studios.

The Changemakers