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Spellbound Trailer Revealed by Hulu

Hulu has brought online the official trailer for Spellbound, the whimsical new series from the creators of Find Me in Paris.

Return to the Paris Opera Ballet School and check out the Hulu Original series when it premieres with all 13 episodes on Thursday, August 31.

Spellbound Trailer Revealed by Hulu

When Cece Parker Jones, a vivacious 15-year-old relocates from a small town in the US to France to study at the Paris Opera Ballet School, she’s on top of the world!

But things turn upside down when she discovers a book of family spells in the back room of her Aunt Ginger’s apothecary.

While snooping through the book, she unknowingly casts the antidote to a protection spell that has been hiding her identity since she was a little girl.

Turns out, she comes from a line of powerful witches called the Wizens! And in doing so, she summons her nemesis, the Mystics, who are after her magic.

This spit-fire teen must now juggle the pressures of an elite ballet school, learning new techniques she’s never studied before, and keeping up with her intense academics.

That’s not even to mention her new friendships and maybe a cute boy… or two, as well as her incredible ability to activate magic, while keeping this a secret for only her closest friends.

The Spellbound cast includes Hailey Melody Romain as Cece Parker-Jones, Margherita Barbieri as Simone Souter, Abigail O’Regan as Mia Banks, Sam Darius as Jack Ryder, Zac Gabriel Werb as Finn Cassidy, and Etienne Moana as Benoît Ducasse.

The cast is rounded out by Imogen Mackie Walker as Amy, Gomolémo Tsagaé as Lola, Cameron James King as Adrian, Rik Young as Armando Castillo, Raven Dauda as Ginger Jones, Malou Beauvoir as Lizzie Jones, and Charles Baker as Kevin.

Spellbound is created by Jill Girling and Lori Mather. The series is produced by Zoe Carrera-Allaix, Cecile Laurenson and David Michel.

Renaud Mathieu is the executive producer. Spellbound is a Cottonwood Media production.