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Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale Premiere Date and First Look

Sundance Now and AMC+ today revealed the premiere date and first photos for the seven-part drama series Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale, written and created by Debbie Horsfield, and adapted from the novel by V.V. James.

The Sundance Now original series debuts with a two-episode premiere on Thursday, January 4, exclusively on Sundance Now and AMC+, with new episodes airing weekly. The series will be available on applicable platforms in the USA and Canada.

Sanctuary: A Witch's Tale Premiere Date and First Look

Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale is set in a contemporary world where witchcraft is real. It takes place in the idyllic English town of Sanctuary, where for hundreds of years witches have lived peacefully, as valued members of society. Until now…

At the heart of the story is Sarah Fenn (Elaine Cassidy), Sanctuary’s resident witch, on whom the town relies to solve their problems when conventional remedies have failed.

When local teen rugby star, Dan Whithall, dies tragically in an apparent accident, his death exposes a terrifying undercurrent of suspicion and fear towards Sarah and her teenage daughter, Harper (Hazel Doupe).

Mother of the dead boy, Abigail (Amy de Bhrun), once Sarah’s closest friend, is wracked with grief, and to avenge her son’s death, launches a modern-day witch-hunt to get “justice,” no matter what the cost.

Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale stars Cassidy, Doupe, and de Bhrun, along with Stephanie Levi-John, Valerie O’Connor, Kelly Campbell and Stephen Lord.

The Sundance Now and AMC+ series is executive produced by Monumental Television (Mrs Sidhu Investigates, Harlots) and is directed by Lisa Mulcahy and Justin Molotnikov.

The official novel, for which you can see the covers below, is officially described as follows: “A suspenseful debut that twists Big Little Lies with Practical Magic in a dark mystery of four women, a wicked secret — and an investigation that shakes their Connecticut town to the core.

“Sanctuary is the perfect town . . . to hide a secret.

“When young Daniel Whitman is killed at a high-school party, the community is ripped apart. The death of Sanctuary’s star quarterback seems to be a tragic accident, but everyone knows his ex-girlfriend Harper Fenn is the daughter of a witch — and she was there when he died.

“V.V. James weaves a spellbinding tale of a town cracking into pieces and the devastating power of a mother’s love. Was Daniel’s death an accident, revenge — or something even more sinister?

“As accusations fly, paranoia grips the town, culminating in a witch-hunt… and the town becomes no sanctuary at all.”