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Rakuten Viki March 2023 Schedule Announced

Spring is here and the Rakuten Viki March 2023 lineup is blossoming with must-see Asian content! Headlining the month of March is The Secret Romance Guest House, a Korean drama that follows Yoon Dan Oh as she works with guests at Ihwawon Inn to help solve the mystery of a guest who disappeared over a decade before.

Debuting later in the month is Japanese drama Unexpected – Love Story in Maison Ginseiso, quirky comedy Delivery Man, and Road Home, a Chinese drama about lovers who reconnect to find their road home.

Rakuten Viki March 2023 Schedule Announced

Viewers can also catch up on titles that debuted in February but are still rolling out through March, including series like On a Starry Night, which features Fall in Love star Chen Xing Xu and Landy Li from Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty. Buzzworthy title The Heavenly Idol, which is based on the web novel of the same name, will also continue to release new episodes through March.

The Rakuten Viki March 2023 schedule also includes popular titles Love Is for Suckers, Unlock My Boss, Jinxed at First, Miracle, My Sweet Dear, and The Witch’s Diner. These binge-worthy titles which are normally only available with a subscription, are now available to watch for free for all to enjoy (with advertisements).

Rakuten Viki March 2023

Rakuten Viki is available to anyone to watch for free (with advertisements) or without advertisements with tiered subscriptions of Standard for $4.99 a month, and Plus Pass for $9.99.

Rakuten Viki is available on a number of platforms like desktop, mobile and on the web.

Rakuten Viki March 2023

Rakuten Viki is a premier destination for Asian entertainment, with a global audience that comes to Rakuten Viki’s over-the-top (OTT) platform for dramas, variety shows, movies, awards shows, and Viki Originals – translated into 150+ languages by a community of avid fans.

Reaching more than 65 million fans in over 250 countries via Rakuten Viki and its entertainment news community, Soompi, the company also develops and invests in Viki Originals.


The Heavenly Idol – Korea – New Episodes Debuting Weekly Starting February 15
Pontifex Lembrary (Kim Min Gyu) is widely regarded as having the most divine power ever. While he fights against a devil, he gets transferred to a different world. Pontifex Lembrary then finds himself in a small dormitory and possesses the body of Woo Yeon Woo, who is a member of the unpopular idol group Wild Animal.

The group has been together for three years, but they are on the verge of disbanding due to their lack of success.

Later, Pontifex Lembrary is placed on a stage with Wild Animal for a live performance at a broadcasting station. The live broadcast performance is a disaster, but it attracts the attention of people and the media.

With his charms, including a confident attitude, Woo Yeon Woo, still possessed by Pontifex Lembrary’s spirit, becomes popular, and so does his group Wild Animal. Pontifex Lembrary must now get used to life as a member of an idol group.

The Journey of Chongzi – China – New Episodes Debuting Weekly Starting February 15
The demon king Ni Lun was annihilated leaving the demon clan in tatters as they escape into the mortal realm. Chong Zi (Midsummer is Full of Love and Dance of the Phoenix’s Yang Chao Yue) is pure and kind, yet she is the daughter of Ni Lun. After being saved by the immortal Chu Bu Fu, she becomes determined to cultivate at Nanhua but is turned away as it has been foretold that she will become a demon.

At this time, the venerable Luo Yin Fan (Legend of the Phoenix’s Jeremy Tsui) surprisingly accepts Chong Zi as his only disciple. Chong Zi is very reliant on Luo Yin Fan and wishes for nothing more than to be by his side. In turn, Luo Yin Fan promises to protect her. A conspiracy leads to Chong Zi’s imprisonment and Luo Yin Fan is unable to do anything to help, leading to her death for the sake of peace.

In her second life, Chong Zi comes to Nanhua again. Luo Yin Fan recognizes her in one glance. In order to protect her, he seals the evil miasma within her and keeps her close, thus continuing their relationship as master and disciple. However, there is no escape from the wheel of fate. Chong Zi once again becomes the target of a multitude of arrows. In a fit of rage, she embraces her demonic side and reaches the point of no return.

Fate has played a cruel joke on the star-crossed lovers – one is the venerable master who carries the world on his shoulders while the other has the blood of the demon clan flowing in her veins. They helplessly fell in love and then helplessly turn against each other, yet they still cannot break free from their feelings. Can their love shake the rules of heaven and earth?

On a Starry Night – Japan – New Episodes Debuting Weekly Starting February 21
Suzu Yukimiya (Yuriko Yoshitaka) is a 35-year-old woman who works as an obstetrician and gynecologist. She had to put every ounce of her heart into her studies – only for everything to end in disappointment.

She was forced to leave her first big job at a major hospital because of a lawsuit. Now she has come to a small seaside town to work in a local clinic. Her days quickly become mundane, and she becomes frustrated with her life.

To escape the drudgery, one day she decides to go camping – alone. She is enjoying drinking and looking at the stars in the night sky when she notices a handsome young man named Issei Hiiragi (Takumi Kitamura).

The man takes pictures of her, drinks her sake – and then kisses her. She later learns that Issei Hiiragi is deaf, and they part. But fate brings them together again a few days later. Could love bloom between this despondent doctor and a man 10 years her junior

The Starry Love – China – New Episodes February 23
The comedy revolves around two princesses in the mortal realm. The elder sister is gentle and kind, and is betrothed to the Immortal tribe as the Heavenly Consort. The younger sister is clever and cunning, and is betrothed to the Demon tribe as the Demon Consort.

Due to an unexpected mix up, the two sisters were sent to the wrong clan. This not only causes a commotion, but also leads to the unraveling of a scheme that shocks the four realms.

Warm on a Cold Night – China – February 25
Su Jiu Er (Li Yi Tong) is a young, talented, and personable constable with a keen investigatory mind. She hails from the Qian Kingdom, meaning she is in possession of a rabbit-like spirit – and that she constantly feels cold. She is attracted to warmth, wherever she can find it.

During the course of her investigations, she is forced to go undercover, where she comes across Han Zheng (Bi Wen Jun), a member of the Qi Kingdom’s ruling family. Han Zheng is imbued with a wolf-like spirit, which grants him phenomenal strength and agility.

It also makes his skin incredibly warm to the touch – a factor that makes Su Jiu Er want to cuddle up to him! But he lacks interpersonal skills, and is harsh and abrasive to everyone he meets.

Opposites attract, however – and this unusual duo forms an increasingly close bond as they investigate a strange murder case that involves both of their kingdoms! Will their hot-cold connection lead them to love?

Delivery Man – Korea – March 1
Seo Young Min (Yoon Chan Young) is a meticulous, intelligent young man whose life has been rocked by the death of his taxi-driving mother. Her early demise has left him as the sole caretaker of his ailing grandmother. He is left with no choice other than to start driving the taxi she left him in a bid to raise the money he needs to make ends meet.

This proves to be a difficult task but Seo Young Min resolves to do his best. However, things get bizarre when a young female ghost named Kang Ji Hyun (Minah) somehow becomes a passenger in his taxi! Kang Ji Hyun is suffering from amnesia and cannot remember why or how she died.

But the unlikely duo slowly form a bond and they also hatch a plan – what if they created a taxi service exclusively for ghosts? With this new otherworldly connection, Seo Young Min attempts to cater to a whole new, ghoulish selection of passengers.

But could this business relationship eventually lead the partners to love? And can ghosts and mortals fall in love with one another?

Unexpected – Love Story in Maison Ginseiso – Japan – New Episodes Debuting Every Week Starting March 10
This story follows Shitara, a man who fell from his elite life overnight. After losing his job, house, and wife, his new “place of employment” is a boarding house. Under one roof, a strange love begins from an encounter with one of those living there.

The Secret Romance Guest House – Korea – March 20
Yoon Dan Oh (Shin Ye Eun) had enjoyed a comfortable life as the beloved youngest daughter of a well-off family, but not anymore. She is now the breadwinner of her family and runs Ihwawon Inn, where many of the guests are scholars who came to Hanyang to take the civil servant entrance exam for becoming ranking officials.

Among the scholars staying at Ihwawon Inn are Kang San, Kim Si Yeol, and Jeong Yoo Ha, all of whom have deep secrets. Yoon Dan Oh and the boarders combine their information and work together to find Lee Seol who disappeared 13 years ago.

Road Home – China – March (TBC)
A story about former lovers reunited after ten years to find their road home. Investment director Gui Xiao (Tan Song Yun) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal police Lu Yan Chen (Jing Bo Ran) were each other’s first love. As Lu Yan Chen left to join the police academy, Gui Xiao’s family experienced drastic changes. Their relationship from their school days simply comes to an end.

When they meet again after eight years, the words “I’ll recognize you even when you turn into ashes” make them realize that they still miss each other. Two years later in a snowy border town, Gui Xiao and her friend are stranded. In desperation, Gui Xiao dials Lu Yan Chen’s number and the adventure begins.