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Pyramid Game Trailer and Key Art Debut

Paramount+ has revealed the official trailer and key art for the upcoming original South Korean psychological thriller series Pyramid Game.

All 10 episodes will premiere on Thursday, May 30, on Paramount+ in the U.S., the UK, Canada, Australia, Latin America, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Pyramid Game Trailer and Key Art Debut

In Pyramid Game, Seong Su-ji is a new student at the Baekyeon Girls’ High School. Between the bullies, her studies, and the fight for popularity, the high school already feels like a game of survival for Su-ji.

But when she’s introduced to a ranking system that chooses class outcasts via secret vote, Su-ji must decide whether to accept her status and its violent fallout or lead an uprising against the Pyramid Game.

Kim Ji yeon as Seong Su-ji

Pyramid Game stars actors Kim Jiyeon (Twenty-Five Twenty-One), Jang Da A, RYU DA IN, Shin Seul Ki, and Kang Na Eon. The series is directed by Bak So Yeon (The Heavenly Idol) and written by Choi Sui.

Following the critically acclaimed Bargain and A Bloody Lucky Day, Pyramid Game is the next project developed by Paramount+ and TVING through a partnership between Paramount and the leading entertainment company CJ ENM.

Kim Ji yeon as Seong Su-ji

In Korea, Paramount+ is a branded zone within TVING, a CJ ENM-affiliated streaming platform with current operations in Korea. The deal also allows Korean content to flow to Paramount’s overseas streaming operations.

The show is produced by Film Monster and CJ ENM STUDIOS and distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution outside of Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

Pyramid Game Key Art