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Nintendo Switch Sports Launched by Nintendo

Today, Nintendo launched Nintendo Switch Sports (See on Amazon), the latest sequel to the Wii Sports series for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch – OLED Model systems. Watch the launch player below!

It’s game point. On the brink of triumph, your friends and family cheer you on. The thrill of friendly competition and the feeling of being right in the action are literally at your fingertips. Welcome to the Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports Launched by Nintendo

In Nintendo Switch Sports, you can swing, kick, spike, and bowl your way to victory! With multiple options for multiplayer fun, family and friends can join in on the same system or online.

Play online and face opponents near and far, and aim for the Pro League in every sport. With Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton, and Chambara (swordplay), you can get moving and put yourself directly in the game using Joy-Con controllers.

Plus, a seventh sport is planned to be added via a free update this fall; get ready to Golf! Are you new to the world of video game sports? No problem! This collection is built for players of all skill levels so everyone can play together and enjoy.

With intuitive controls, anyone — from rookies to pros — can instantly have fun. With controlled motions, you can curve your bowling ball, add spin to a tennis shot, or even use a Joy-Con with the included Leg Strap accessory (See on Amazon) to kick the ball in a Soccer Shoot-Out.

A free update will arrive in the summer, expanding the Leg Strap accessory compatibility to Soccer matches, too. Plus, Nintendo Switch Sports introduces new customizable characters called Sportsmates.

As you play online in random matchmaking, you’ll be able to earn points that you can redeem for in-game rewards like outfits, sports accessories and gear for your Sportsmates, fireworks for your Soccer goal and even a costume to play as a squirrel!

New items will rotate each week, so check back and see what’s available. You’ll also still be able to play as the classic Mii characters, so you can keep serving those swings and custom looks you’ve grown fond of.

The digital version of Nintendo Switch Sports is available now in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, the My Nintendo Store, and select retailers for $39.99 (Leg Strap accessory sold separately).

A physical version of the video game that includes a Leg Strap accessory is available at a suggested retail price of $49.99.

The Leg Strap accessory from Ring Fit Adventure is also compatible with Nintendo Switch Sports, and a Leg Strap accessory can be purchased separately at a suggested retail price of $9.99 as well.