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Conan O’Brien Must Go First Look

During a Fireside Chat at SXSW, Conan O’Brien announced that all four episodes of Conan O’Brien Must Go, a new Max Original travel series based on the popular podcast Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan, will be available to stream on Thursday, April 18, on Max.

Conan O’Brien Must Go features the Emmy-winning host visiting new friends he’s met through his podcast, where he dives deep with listeners from around the world.

Conan O'Brien Must Go First Look

Making stops in Norway, Thailand, Argentina, and Ireland, Conan O’Brien surprises some of his most memorable fans while also taking in local culture, cuisine, and sights. “My fans around the globe never asked me to visit them, so I did,” O’Brien said previously.

Nina Rosenstein, Executive Vice President of HBO Programming, added: “Conan is a national treasure… at least that’s what he keeps telling me. It’s been an absolute dream to work with him, Jeff, and the whole Conaco team.”

Rosenstein added: “They’re everything you’d hope for – insanely smart, ridiculously funny, and nicer than they’d probably want to admit.”

The Max series is produced by Conaco. The executive producers are O’Brien and Jeff Ross.

In June of 2021, O’Brien concluded his 11-year run with Conan on TBS, solidifying his 28-year career as a late-night talk show host and one of the longest tenures in late-night television history.

His Emmy-winning TBS travel series Conan Without Borders has visited 13 countries, and his podcast has over 427 million downloads since its launch in 2018. With more than 50 thousand ratings and reviews on Apple Podcasts, the show maintains an almost perfect five-star average and has won numerous awards.