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Acorn TV April 2024 Streaming Schedule

Acorn TV has announced the titles coming to the AMC-owned streaming service in April 2024. The lineup adds to the service’s wide variety of acclaimed English and foreign-language dramas, engaging comedies, documentaries, and more.

The highlights include the Acorn TV exclusive series For Her Sins, The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10, and Murdoch Mysteries Season 17. Learn more about each below, and read on for the full premiere schedule.

Acorn TV April 2024 Streaming Schedule


For Her Sins (Acorn TV Exclusive Series) – Series Binge Premiere Monday, April 1
Laura Conroy (Jo Joyner, “Shakespeare & Hathaway”) appears to have it all: a loving husband, two beautiful children, and a successful career as a lawyer. However, this perfect life is marred by cracks.

After befriending Emily Furness (Rachel Shenton, “All Creatures Great and Small”), a charismatic stranger she meets in the school playground, her life begins to spiral out of control. Laura’s husband, Rob, often works abroad, leaving a stressed Laura to deal with the children alone while juggling returning to work after the birth of their son.

Acorn TV April 2024 - For Her Sins

The beguiling, ever-helpful Emily is a real savior in Laura’s eyes. However, all is not what it seems… Laura unwittingly leads down an increasingly dangerous path as Emily begins infiltrating her life and poisoning it from the inside. But why?

Unknown to Laura, these two women are bound by a shared secret, one Laura has tried to keep buried. But nothing stays a secret forever, and Emily is here to make sure this one is exposed, no matter the price.

Acorn TV April 2024 - The Brokenwood Mysteries

The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10 (Acorn TV Exclusive Series) – New Season Premiere Monday, April 29
The 10th anniversary season of “The Brokenwood Mysteries” sees Detectives Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea), Kristin Sims (Fern Sutherland), and Daniel Chalmers (Jarod Rawiri) continue to wrestle with Brokenwood’s alarming murder rate. With the help of their curious pathologist, Dr Gina Kadinsky (Cristina Ionda), they use all manner of unconventional methods to solve the town’s more macabre and unusual crimes.

From a brutal murder with a Jurassic twist to a spooky crime scene amidst the Day of the Dead, a lovestruck dental patient, and a vicious visit to a House of Horrors, this season’s homicides capture the quirky spirit of New Zealand’s deadliest town.

Acorn TV April 2024 - Murdoch Mysteries

Murdoch Mysteries Season 17 (Acorn TV Exclusive Series) – New Episodes Continue Every Monday
The new season begins with William Murdoch and Julia Ogden racing to discover the true intentions of their mysterious captors in order to escape and resume their lives in Toronto. Constable Crabtree and Effie will find their domestic bliss interrupted by an urgent mission that emerges from Crabtree’s past, and Station House #4 will be in a state of tension as Brackenreid’s place in the constabulary remains in question.

Llewellyn Watts resumes work as a detective, determined to live his truth and pursue happiness on his own terms, while Violet Hart will thrive in her new romance with Isaiah Buchanan. However, the future of the Star Bright Club hangs by a thread, as does Violet’s fortune when she is brought to court by the family of her dead husband.

For Her Sins


A look at Acorn TV’s full premiere schedule for April 2024.


Murdoch Mysteries, Season 7 – Acorn TV Original, New Episodes on Mondays
Episode 7, “Loch Ness Murdoch”

A summer heat wave finds much of Toronto taking refuge at the beach, but when a body marked by a large bite washes ashore, rumors of a sea monster quickly spread across the city.

For Her Sins – Acorn TV Exclusive
PREMIERE | Binge | Four Episodes

On the face of it, Laura (Jo Joyner, “EastEnders,” “Shakespeare & Hathaway”) has a perfect life. A successful career as a lawyer and a beautiful family. But she’s haunted by a dark secret from her past. When she befriends charming newcomer Emily (Rachel Shenton, “All Creatures Great and Small,” “Switched at Birth”), she has no idea her secret is about to resurface.

Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10

The Little Drummer Girl
Binge | Six Episodes

In this bold adaptation of John le Carré’s spy novel, Charlie (Florence Pugh, “Oppenheimer,” “Little Women”) is a fiery and brilliant young actress who meets a mysterious stranger in Greece and draws her into high-stakes games of international espionage. Also stars Michael Shannon (“Take Shelter,” “Nine Perfect Strangers”) and Alexander Skarsgård (“Big Little Lies,” “True Blood”).


Murdoch Mysteries, Season 7 – Acorn TV Original, New Episodes on Mondays
Episode 8, “Republic of Murdoch”

A dead body and a piece of parchment lead Murdoch and Crabtree to follow a suspect named Jacob Doyle to his home in Newfoundland.

For Her Sins

National Treasure
Binge | Four Episodes

Paul (Robbie Coltrane, “Harry Potter,” “GoldenEye”), once something of a national treasure, is a star of fading relevance but enduring popularity, the less successful half of a once beloved comedy double-act. As he settles into the twilight years of his life, an allegation of two counts of sexual assault, each some 20 years previous, shakes him and his family to their core. Also features Julie Walters (“Mama Mia,” “Harry Potter” films) and Andrea Riseborough (“The Regime,” “Birdman”).

The Battle of Britain
Documentary Film

This program looks at how the Battle of Britain evolved into four distinct phases before it fizzled out during the early months of 1941 as the threat of invasion receded and Hitler turned his attention to the impending invasion of Russia.

Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10


Murdoch Mysteries, Season 7 – Acorn TV Original, New Episodes on Mondays
Episode 9, “Midnight Train to Kingston”

Detective Murdoch accompanies convicted murderer James Gillies to his hanging.

Faithless – Acorn TV Exclusive
PREMIERE | Binge | Six Episodes

This sharp-witted tale tells the story of three young sisters living in Dublin and their Irish/ Egyptian dad who, after a tragic incident, is raising them alone. That is until his irresponsible younger brother moves in to ‘help’ and never leaves.

Meet the Amin family —the new fighting Irish. “Faithless” takes a close look at the ways the family copes with the vacuum left behind and realizes that, regardless of age or seniority, everyone has to grow up fast. Using black comedy, it shines a light on some uncomfortable truths about gender roles, grief, identity, acceptance, faith, and happiness.

For Her Sins

Binge | Four Episodes

“Kiri” is a drama dealing with the abduction and murder of a young black girl, soon to be adopted by her white foster family, and the trail of lies, blame, guilt, and notoriety that follow. Features Sarah Lancashire (“Happy Valley,” “Julia”), Lia Williams (“The Crown,” “His Dark Materials”), and Lucian Msamati (“Gangs of London,” “See How They Run”).


Murdoch Mysteries, Season 7 – Acorn TV Original, New Episodes on Mondays
Episode 10, “Murdoch in Ragtime”

When the lead singer of a traveling ragtime group turns up dead, Detective Murdoch looks to the group’s complicated past for answers.

Brokenwood Mysteries Season 10


Murdoch Mysteries, Season 7 – Acorn TV Original, New Episodes on Mondays
Episode 11, “Journey to the Centre of Toronto”

Murdoch investigates a rash of tunneling robberies that Crabtree is convinced were perpetrated by a species of mole people.

The Brokenwood Mysteries, Season 10 – Acorn TV Exclusive, New Episodes on Mondays
PREMIERE | Episode 1, “Case 43 | Brokenwood-o-saurus”

With Dinosaur fossils discovered in the foothills of Brokenwood, the town is buzzing about the potential boost for tourism. But when an expert paleontologist is found dead the future doesn’t look so rosy.

The Vanishing Triangle
Binge | Six Episodes

After a series of disappearances of young women, newspaper reporter Lisa Wallace sets out to find the man responsible, who she believes is the same man who murdered her mother almost twenty years earlier.

The Acorn TV April 2024 titles are available at Acorn.TV and on Prime Video Channels, Apple TV, Roku, YouTube TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity, iOS, Android, Cox, and more.