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Your Place or Mine Trailer Released by Netflix

Netflix today released the brand new trailer for the upcoming movie Your Place or Mine, starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher. You can check out the trailer for Your Place or Mine in the player below.

After 20 years of friendship, Your Place or Mine‘s Peter (Ashton Kutcher) and Debbie (Reese Witherspoon) know everything about each other. Or at least they thought they did.

Your Place or Mine Trailer Released by Netflix

But when the two trade homes — and coasts — for a week, they quickly realize that perhaps they haven’t been as honest with each other as they thought.

Peter arrives in Los Angeles to find that single mom Debbie is a tad too overprotective of her son, Jack (Wesley Kimmel), while Debbie finds out about a nerdy little secret hidden in the oven of her BFF’s Brooklyn penthouse – not to mention an ex-girlfriend (Zoë Chao) living nearby.

Your Place or Mine

The cast also includes Jesse Williams, Zoë Chao, Wesley Kimmel, Griffin Matthews, Rachel Bloom, Shiri Appleby, Vella Lovell, with Tig Notaro and Steve Zahn.

Your Place or Mine is written and directed by Aline Brosh McKenna.

Your Place or Mine

“I definitely have a lot of friends that I talk to primarily via text, phone calls, FaceTimes, that sort of thing,” writer-director Aline Brosh McKenna tells Netflix’s Tudum. “So I was really interested in the idea of: ‘Can you ever really know someone at a distance?'”

Witherspoon plays Debbie: Practical single mom Debbie is always thinking about the outcome. Is it safe? Is it healthy? Does it make sense in the long run? As a result, she and her son, Jack, live a Los Angeles life governed by rules and routine.

But all that goes out the window when Debbie travels to New York for work, leaving her home — and, more importantly, her child — in best friend Peter’s hands. At last, Debbie has a brief chance to live just for herself. Will she take it? 

Kutcher plays Peter: New York-based Peter craves novelty. Unsentimental and unattached, the only constant in his life is his decades-long friendship with Debbie and a resolute love for the New Wave sounds of the Cars.

But Peter’s outward cool-guy demeanor betrays a deeper vulnerability: This aspiring writer lacks the confidence to really pursue his passion. Could a week in LA caring for Jack change all of that?

Kimmel plays Debbie’s son Jack: Debbie’s son, Jack, has grown up with maybe too much structure. For too long, his mom’s overprotective streak has prevented him from trying new things and putting himself out there.

Enter Peter, who sees Jack struggling to break out of his shell, and gives him the push he needs to crack it open. 

Notaro plays Alicia: With Peter living in New York, the role of Debbie’s LA best friend falls to Alicia, a fellow parent at Jack’s school whose wry wit and love of coffee keep things grounded. 

Zahn plays Zen: A zany retired tech entrepreneur with a green thumb, Zen is Debbie’s neighbor who landscapes for free in the hopes that she’ll finally look his way. 

Chao plays Minka: Chao plays Minka, one of Peter’s ex-girlfriends who befriends Debbie after she arrives in New York. A millennial with a wild streak, she pushes Debbie out of her comfort zone and into the arms of handsome book editor, Theo (Jesse Williams).

Williams plays Theo: Hot and well-read? Williams’ character checks off all the boxes. A smart book editor at Debbie’s favorite New York publishing imprint, Theo might very well be the kind of Prince Charming who makes her take that spontaneous leap toward a fairy-tale ending. 

Are you guys excited to check out Your Place or Mine when it’s released on February 10, 2023? Let us know on Twitter @vitalthrillscom.

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