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We Review Her Universe Superhero Swimwear

No one likes shopping for swimwear. Part of it is the sizing. It’s never made any sense, and ordering it online is often a nightmare. By the time you figure out what sizing works for you, you’ve sent it back and gotten a new one for so long the summer is over. We’re here to help! Her Universe sent us a sampling of their superhero-themed swimwear to check out, and oh my gosh, you guys, they fit!

Before I jump into the suits themselves, I just want to take a moment to share that the site,, has more than one size model showing what these suits look like. There are also a variety of styles, from a lower cut bottom to a much higher-waisted one. I’ve never worn the high-waisted style before, so this was going to be a big change.

The fit guide on the site is accurate, and that is a rarity. I’m a size 4/6 and in close-fitting clothes, I generally go with a medium so I can move around. The problem with trying on swimwear in a store is that you’re standing up, not getting up and down, playing volleyball or jumping through waves. I tried a medium in all of these suits, and they all fit perfectly, both standing and moving around. These suits all come in plus sizes as well.

Her Universe Swimwear - Wonder Woman

First up we have the one piece Wonder Woman suit from Her Universe. Fashionable they might be, but Wonder Woman is the only way I was getting in a one piece. I’ve fallen in love with this one. The suit is red at the top with a deep V, and the bottom is blue with stars. The back is low, with a golden lasso (gold thick thread) lacing up to the lower back. It doesn’t open too low, though, so you won’t feel like your butt’s exposed. If you have a long torso, a two-piece might be better, but it’s very comfortable. The bodice and the bottom both have a ruched layer, so it’s not super tight. The cups are molded as well, so there is coverage, and the top is a halter tie. It fits exactly like it looks on the site, and it retails for $39.90.

Her Universe Swimwear - Loki

Next up we have Loki, and there is a choice of bottoms here. I went with the lower-cut one here, but there is a higher-waisted one, which you can check out here. The top of the bikini is green gold (as it should be for Loki), with foam cups for coverage and support. It’s a halter top, but the suit stays up even before you tie it. (The back is well, and think enough not to come undone.) The lower-cut bottom isn’t super low. It’s a couple inches below the belly button, depending on your body. Mine fit exactly the way the pic shows above. The bottom has a ruffle but it’s high enough that it doesn’t hit that wide point on your hips. It also doesn’t pinch in a the waist. One of the things that I love about this suit, and all the ones I’ve tried is that the elastic isn’t super tight and pinchy. It’s actually cut for where it sits, and not for three inches above as a lot of suits are. It’s loose enough to be comfortable and not bind, but tight enough not to fall down. The top and each style of bottom retail for $29.60 each.

Her Universe Swimwear - Iron Man

For the Her Universe Iron Man suit, we just have the high-waisted bottoms, which, as I said, I’ve never tried before. I love the way it fit! The top of the suit has a keyhole design in the red and gold Iron Man colors. There is a little tie in the front and the top is a halter. The hexagon pattern does remind me of the carpet from the Shining hotel, but that’s just an added bonus. The cups are padded lightly for coverage, and there is a hook in the back. Again, the suit actually stays up. The bottoms come up a tiny bit above the belly button (depending on your body) and give full coverage. I thought this was going to give a wider hip look, but it doesn’t. They’re super comfortable. The back of the bottoms comes up a bit above the bottom of your butt, but not unusually so.

Captain America Swimwear

The Captain America suit isn’t on the Her Universe site, but it’s at Hot Topic. You can check it out right here and here. Same prices. The suit is a bikini style with the high-waisted bottom. The halter top has a keyhole design just like the Iron Man suit and has a hook in the back and a tie at the neck. It’s blue and white with the Cap shield on it in different shades of blue. It’s padded lightly for coverage. The bottom is high-waisted and red, with the front panel in vertical stripes of red and white with stars on the sides. It’s super flattering. Again, you can actually move in it and enjoy a day at the beach without constantly adjusting your suit.

There is also a Harley Quinn style on the Her Universe site, which has the same bottom options as the Loki suit, and some Disney styles that are worth checking out. I love these suits, and they fit as expected, which is huge. Sizes from XS to 3X are available. Are you picking them up for the summer? Let us know!

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