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Valeria Cast and Start of Production Announced by Netflix

Netflix today confirmed the Valeria cast and announced the start of production of its new original series, based on Elísabet Benavent’s books.

“I stopped the noisy walk of my fingers on the keyboard and reread the text as I scratched my head with a pencil.” This is how Elísabet Benavent presents for the first time Valeria, a young writer in search of inspiration, who stars in the popular literary saga published by Penguin Random House Editorial Group that has sold 450,000 copies in Spanish.

Valeria is ready to jump from the pages of these novels to the screens around the world. Filming has started in Madrid on the adaptation, for which the author herself participates as a creative consultant.

Netflix has also unveiled the Valeria cast, which is lead by Diana Gómez (45 revoluciones, Sé quién eres) as Valeria. The character’s three great friends are Lola (Silma López, Cosas de la vida), Carmen (Paula Malia, Benvinguts a la família) and Nerea (Teresa Riott, Barcelona nit d’estiu). Ibrahim Al Shami (El secreto de puente viejo) plays Adrián, Valeria’s husband, and Benjamín Alfonso (Educando a Nina) is the mysterious Victor.

Produced by Plano a Plano, this new original series that will premiere worldwide in 2020. It is written by María López Castaño alongside Aurora Gracià, Almudena Ocaña and Fernanda Eguiarte. Valeria‘s team is completed by the two directors Inma Torrente and Nely Reguera.

In the series, Valeria is a writer in crisis, as much for her novels as for her husband and the emotional distance between them. She takes refuge in her three best friends: Carmen, Lola and Nerea, who support her during her trip. Valeria and her friends are immersed in a whirlwind of emotions about love, friendship, jealousy, infidelity, doubts, lack of love, secrets, work, worries, joys and dreams about the future.

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