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We Unbox Eagle Eyes Blue-Blocking Glasses to Save Your Eyes

We’re all on our computers and phones (you are right now) all day long. After a while, none of us can sleep, we get eye strain and end up hunched over like the DMV sloth in Zootopia from straining to see the screen. It sounds funny, but it really is an issue.

Today we’re unboxing two different styles of blue-blocking glasses from Eagle Eyes. Here is the info for you: “Eagle Eyes was developed from original NASA Optic Technology and is Certified Space Technology. The technology behind TriLenium® lenses was originally developed by NASA to protect astronaut’s eyes during space missions.”

You guys, we’ve got space glasses! They also make sunglasses and night driving glasses. Check out what myself and Jeffrey Henderson have to say about how well they work, and how they look. For the record, we’re looking at the Ultralight DT, which retail for $59.95, or the Optiflex DT, which retail for $79.95. If you want to check some out for yourself, head over to Oh, and here’s that ad Jeff is talking about in the video. It’s… well, it’s hard to describe. Just watch it and marvel at what we used to see on TV.

The big takeaway here is that they’re extremely light! I have to wear titanium glasses because of headaches and these are so light that I can barely feel them! It’s definitely worth checking out. Stay tuned for more unboxing videos. We’ve got one coming up that Star Wars fans are going to want to see!

May the Force be with you!

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