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We Review Genre Ugly Christmas Sweaters from

We review items from time to time on Legion of Leia/Vital Thrills, and this time around we’re checking out the genre ugly Christmas sweaters from We were sent the Wonder Woman sweater as well as the Rainbow Brite sweater. They also come in IncrediblesToy Story, Chewbacca from Star Wars, Black Panther, Deadpool, Labyrinth and more. They’ve got sports-themed ugly Christmas sweaters as well, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Here’s the info from “What’s the best way of celebrating the holidays? In an ugly Christmas sweater of course! Whether plans include a festive family gathering or a rowdy celebration with lots of eggnog and friends, we have ugly Christmas sweaters for every occasion. Featuring loud prints, striking images and phrases, and even flashing lights, every Christmas sweater you’ll find in this category definitely makes a statement and an impression!”

Ugly they may be, but these sweaters are super comfy. They’re insanely soft and pretty thick, so they’re definitely going to keep you warm. The Rainbow Brite sweater is made with that weirdly dull red, yellow and blue that give it a very 1980s feel. It’s a little bigger than the Wonder Woman sweater, so you may want to go down a size. (I got it in a small, if that helps. I probably can go down a size, but the small Wonder Woman sweater fits perfectly. Of course, it’s an ugly Christmas sweater, so being a little baggy just adds to the fun!) As soon as I put this on, I got a huge guffaw from my better half. If that’s your goal, it’s pretty spot on.

I have to say, I’m probably going to wear the Wonder Woman sweater all the time. It may have snowflakes on it, but it’s kind of awesome. It’s got the Wonder Woman logo on the front and it’s subtle enough that you really can’t consider this ugly. Again, the sweater is super soft and cuddly. You might want to wear it with some Wonder Woman jammie pants and just call in sick to work. Not that we’re advocating for your delinquency. Ahem. This sweater also comes in kids sizes. There are mens sizes too, in case you know a guy who totally needs these, and we know you do.

Want to grab yourself some ugly Christmas sweaters? Click here to check out the page on!

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