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Toy Fair Day Three: DC Collectibles’ Impressive Array of Statues and Figures


In previous years, DC Collectibles has presented a nice balance of artful statues and exciting action figures at Toy Fair. This year was no different. The statues, highly-detailed and diverse, offer collectibles a pricier, limited-run piece for their shelves. DC Collectibles’ action figures generally hold SRPs between $20-$35 and hold up well both on display and in playrooms.

Most exciting is DC Collectibles’ continued interest in iconic ’90s superhero animated series like Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series. If you’re a collector of these toys, you’ve probably noticed that they’ve been released a bit haphazardly. A Two-Face figure will emerge, but it’ll be his look from a later series, leaving collectors who want the original appearance empty-handed. DC Collectibles is trying to fill in some of those gaps now, namely with Two-Face, Scarecrow, and other favorites of the first Batman animated series of the 1990s that were seemingly left in the dust for their The New Batman Adventures variants. Plus, we can at last buy Batman on the Batcycle and be able to separate the figure from the vehicle (not the case in Kenner’s original!). DC Collectibles is also reimagining characters who were never in any animated series as characters from those shows. To that end, you’ll notice Frank Miller’s armored-up Batman, Deathstroke, Red Hood, and Azrael taking on looks Paul Dini would craft if they were to pop up in Batman: The Animated Series comics or TV episodes.

This year, DC Collectibles is also taking an amazing plunge into the fantastical with their Luchadores line. Wave 1 will see Batman and Superman reimagined as Lucha libre wrestlers, with Wave 2 bringing us Metallo and Deathstroke, and Wave 3 wrapping up with Wonder Woman and The Cheetah. If you’re thinking it’s a shame we’ve got to wait for that last pair, and it is, there won’t be much delay, as the waves will hit in pretty rapid succession later this year. Word to the collectors, though: the ring is not included, so get yourself to a Kmart and grab a cheap knock-off WWE one in anticipation!

If realism, such as it exists in comic book characters, is your jam, DC Collectibles has your back, there, too. In addition to life-like action figures for Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, The Cheetah, Superman Cyborg, and The Joker, DC Collectibles revealed Red Hood at Toy Fair this year. As a child of the late ’80s/early ’90s, I’m all about bright colors and cartoonish stylization, but for the more Alex Ross-inclined, these figures might be good buys.

Moving over to statues, DC Collectibles is expanding their highly popular DC Pin-Ups. Their incoming Death is a must-have!

If you want more action out of your statues, DC Collectibles has some superhero/vehicle pairings in the works. Batman on his motorcycle is the most supercharged among them, but Poison Ivy and her plant bike very much embodies her character. Lobo is still being designed, but, with his ride being among the most iconic, one wonders why they didn’t start there.

Few designers are more recognizable than the awesome Chrissie Zullo, and it is delightful that more of her fantastic designs will find homes as statues.

In addition to Zullo, DC Collectibles is also spotlighting Madballs designer James Groman in their Artists Alley statues of key Batman characters. The neon coloration makes these pieces pop, almost echoing Playmates’ designs on some of their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys. These aren’t articulated, but if DC Collectibles ever converted them into action figures, I think they’d have another hit.

Sometimes, statues can manifest comic book covers as 3-D scenes. That was the intent behind at least some of these pieces, especially Nightwing and Wonder Woman. This year, DC Collectibles is also offering a 1:1 replica of Wonder Woman’s shield, so, if you’re a resident Themiscyran, maybe both the statue and the shield should be on your list.

Oh, and you can also buy a 1:1 statue of Harley Quinn in her Batman: The Animated Series look. If you have roommates, just promise to stand her right outside their doors on many an unsuspecting night. And then send me all the reaction videos.

This year, DC Collectibles did a great job of showcasing offerings that give buyers excellent variety in every sense of the word. While their selection is not overwhelming, it seems to target just what fans want.

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