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Three French Series and Four Films Announced by Netflix

Netflix is continuing its investment in French content and has announced three new French series and the acquisition of four new French films and documentaries. All titles will be available in over 190 countries where Netflix is available.

“We are delighted to announce today three new French series – a witty comedy about friends, family and weed; a psychological horror series; and a modern, coming of age vampire tale in Paris – for our French and Global audience to enjoy,” said Erik Barmack, Vice President of International Originals at Netflix. “Each project involves such talented French storytellers and producers that we are thrilled to be working on what promises to be very exciting times to come”.

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Information on the French series:

Family Business (working title)
Family Business is a half-hour comedy about a young man who recruits his best friends to help save his family’s business, by transforming their butcher shop into France’s first coffee shop. Created and developed by Igor Gotesman. Produced by Les Films du Kiosque and Five Dogs.

Emma, an acerbic young novelist discovers the terrifying characters she writes in her bestselling series of horror novels, might also be living in the real world. Created and directed by Samuel Bodin. Written by Samuel Bodin and Quoc Dang Tran. Produced by Empreinte Digitale and Federation.

Upcoming series adapted from the book “Vampires” by Thierry Jonquet
When a young rebellious teenage girl is faced with her inevitable change, becoming a vampire, her overly protective mother engages her estranged siblings in a race to find a cure. Created for television and written by Benjamin Dupas and Isaure Pisani-Ferry.

Netflix also announced that Plan Coeur, the half-hour romantic comedy series co-directed by Noémie Saglio, will be launched by the end of the year.

Information on the French films and documentary:

Noumouké, 15 years old, the youngest of three brothers from a sensitive suburb of Paris must choose which of his two brothers’ footsteps he wants to follow. Directed by Leila Sy and Kery James and written by Kery James. The French line producers are Les films Velvet and Srab Films. Casting includes Jammeh Diangana, Kery James, and Bakary Diombera.

La Grande Classe
Two best friends from a small town, now uber-Parisians, decide to return to their hometown for a high school reunion with a secret agenda: take revenge on their former bullies and come to terms with their teenage crush. Written and directed by Remy Four and Julien War. Produced by 2425 Films. Casting includes Jerome Niel and Ludovik.

To give voice to ordinary heros – or extraordinary humans – this documentary film follows the destinies of 5 men and women who are symbols of resilience and bearer of hope in humanity. Written and directed by Stephane de Freitas (“A voix haute”). Produced by Valdes and Wagram Films. Casting includes Panmela, Tamara, Broulaye, Mara, and Fofo.

Paris Est Une Fete (Working Title)
Initiated through a crowdfunded campaign that gained viral buzz, Paris est une fete (working title) is a real-time French love story shot over 3-years on the streets of Paris, without any permits, amidst the crowds – at in a city scarred by terror attacks and social upheavals. Directed by Elisabeth Vogler and written by Elisabeth Vogler, Remi Bassaler, and Paul Saisset. Produced by 21 juin cinema, French Lab Agency and Les Idiots. Casting includes Noémie Schmidt, Grégoire Isvarine and Lou Castel.

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