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The Voice Top 10 Contestants Fun Facts

NBC‘s The Voice Season 15 semifinals are happening next week and tonight we will learn who the eight contestants moving forward are.

As Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson’s teams are dwindling down, Vital Thrills has been sitting down with the singers every week and have been getting to know them.

The Voice Top 10 Contestants Fun Facts

So here’s a look at The Voice Top 10 contenders and some fun facts about them that you probably didn’t know.

Which of The Voice Top 10 contestants are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!


DeAndre Nico
Age: 22
Hometown: Port Arthur, Texas
Resides In: Beaumont, Texas
Fun Fact: “I like to buy clothes. I like Zara, Forever21, Gucci, Versace. I’m a big clothes shopper.”

Reagan Strange
Age: 14
Hometown: Memphis (Collierville), Tennessee
Resides In: Germantown/Memphis, Tennessee
Fun Fact: “I absolutely love chicken tenders with fries, Ketchup and Dr. Pepper. That is my dream meal.”


Chris Kroeze
Age: 27
Hometown & Resides In: Barron, Wisconsin
Fun Fact: “I’m embarrassingly good at Wii Ping Pong. We bought a Wii like five years ago and I played it for about a month straight. You will not beat me.”

Dave Fenley
Age: 40
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Resides in: Nashville, Tennessee
Fun Fact: “My motto that I live my life by is to spread love like peanut butter. I wasn’t always the greatest, most happy-loving guy. One day a friend of mine came up named Joe and was like, “hey man you need to stop being a jerk and just start spreading love like butter.” I was like, “I don’t really care for butter, but I love peanut butter.” So I woke up the next day and said I’m going to spread love like peanut butter and my day was so much brighter. Three days later I met my wife. I finished my record, my first album. It just seemed like life took a turn for the better when I changed my mindset. It was great. So I’ve done it ever since and I own the trademark.”

Kirk Jay
Age: 23
Hometown: Bay Minette, Alabama
Resides in Montgomery, Alabama
Fun Fact: “I hate green foods. I don’t like the taste. Anything green I hate it unless it’s money.”


Kennedy Holmes
Age: 13
Hometown & Resides In: St. Louis, Missouri
Fun Fact: “I love Marilyn Manson. I also have a birth mark under my lip and people think I’ve been biting my lip but no, it’s a birth mark.”

MaKenzie Thomas
Age: 21
Hometown & Resides In: Wallingford, Kentucky
Fun Fact: “I’m a hard core metal head. I love heavy metal music. I absolutely adore it. My dad was a drummer, so I grew up listening to it. While I probably wouldn’t perform it because it’s not quite what my voice is made for, I definitely listen to it all the time.”


Chevel Shepherd
Age: 16
Hometown: La Plata, New Mexico
Resides In: Farmington, New Mexico
Fun Fact: “I have a pair of lucky socks that I wear onstage and I am wearing them right now. They are mismatched music note socks. I have a black one and I have a white one. I wear the right one on my left foot and the black one on my right foot. It is something I wear on stage every time I perform. I feel without them I am not going to perform my best. That is my good luck charm. I haven’t washed them because I feel as if the luck is going to wash away. They don’t stink though, I promise.”

Kymberli Joye
Age: 27
Hometown & Resides In: Windsor, Connecticut
Fun Fact: “I’m an amateur photographer.”

Sarah Grace
Age: 16
Hometown & Resides In: Houston, Texas
Fun Fact: “I have been singing my whole life and I picked up trumpet in the sixth grade, and I have been blessed to have both of those outlets. I have been able to take things I learned with my voice and move them to trumpet and I have been able to take things that I learned on the trumpet and move to my voice. The more technical side of my singing, I have learned from my trumpet. I never had a vocal lesson until I had a vocal lesson with Kelly Clarkson. I used to be a swimmer and water polo player so don’t mess with me!”

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