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The Trailer for Blue Story, Coming to US Theaters in March

Their bond made them brothers. The streets made them enemies. Paramount Pictures has revealed the trailer for the North American release of Blue Story, the crime drama written, directed and executive produced by Rapman, aka Andrew Onwubolu. The film will be released in select theaters on March 20, 2020.

In the film, best friends Timmy (Stephen Odubola) and Marco (Micheal Ward) go to the same high school in Peckham, but live in neighboring London boroughs. When Marco’s beaten up by one of Timmy’s primary school friends the two boys wind up on rival sides of a never-ending cycle of gang war in which there are no winners… only victims.

Blue Story

Blue Story also stars Khali Best as Killy, Karla-Simone Spence as Leah, Eric Kofi-Abrefa as Switcher, Kadeem Ramsey as Hakeem, Junior Afolabi Salokun as Madder, Rohan Nedd as Dwayne, Sean Sager as Skitzer, Tuwaine Barrett as Big T, Richie Campbell as Tyrone, Andre Dwayne as Gyalis, and Joshua Blisset as Daps.

Blue Story was previously a YouTube series that debuted in 2014 and the film was released in the UK on November 22, 2019. The movie is a BBC Films and Paramount Pictures co-production.

The producers are Damian Jones and Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor. The executive producers include Rose Garnett, Paul Grindey, Eva Yates,Charles Moore, and Rapman. The movie was filmed on location around South London in Lewisham and Peckham.

“What I want to do with this film is show people, the kids involved in gangs, that the decisions you make can affect not just your life but those around you,” said Rapman. “You might think that everything you’re fighting for is so important — but is it? Are the people you’re fighting for, dying for, are they even your friends? Why do you feel you need to bleed for an area?

“You’re not enlisted. You’re not a soldier fighting for the country. It’s just the estate the council put your parents in. You could live anywhere. Your mum could have been moved to the opposite area. With a lot of these kids, it’s literally wherever the council decides to put you.”

Rapman added: “I just want to put the message out that it’s stupid to die for something like this, for your area, and for things that could really be resolved with a conversation. I wanted to put the message out there that postcode wars are all bullsh*t; gang wars are all bullsh*t. That is the message of the film. There’s so much more you can do with your life.

“That’s why I have a character ask, ‘How many singers do you know who come from Peckham?’ And he says, “John Boyega’s from Peckham and he’s in Star Wars.” I’ve tried to show that there are other ways to get out of the poverty life you’re living, because John Boyega grew up on the same estate where are all of these gangs are and look at him now — he’s one of the biggest stars in the world.

“I want to tell young people that this life that you’re fighting for, that you’re so dedicated to, is not the only way out. It’s very stupid and it’s not worth dying for.”

What do you think about the Blue Story trailer and poster? Are you going to watch the movie in theaters? Have you already seen it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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