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The Magician’s Elephant, Disenchantment Part 3 and More Netflix Reveals

Netflix made some big announcements today and we’ve got the everything in one location for you here, including The Magician’s Elephant, The Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer, Disenchantment Part 3, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 2, and We Are: The Brooklyn Saints.

The Magician’s Elephant

Netflix today announced a new animated feature film The Magician’s Elephant, based on two-time Newbery Award winner Kate DiCamillo’s novel of the same title. The film marks the directorial debut of renowned visual effects veteran Wendy Rogers (Shrek, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Puss in Boots) and is produced by Julia Pistor.

The Magician’s Elephant voice cast includes Sian Clifford, Pixie Davies, Natasia Demetriou, Dawn French, Brian Tyree Henry, Noah Jupe, Aasif Mandvi, Mandy Patinkin, Miranda Richardson, Cree Summer, Lorraine Toussaint, and Benedict Wong.

In the film, when Peter (voiced by Noah Jupe), who is searching for his long-lost sister named Adel (voiced by Pixie Davies), crosses paths with a fortune teller in the market square, there is only one question on his mind: is his sister still alive?

The answer, that he must find a mysterious elephant and the magician (voiced by Benedict Wong) who will conjure it, sets Peter off on a harrowing journey to complete three seemingly impossible tasks that will change the face of his town forever.

Director Wendy Rogers said, “Peter’s story planted itself in my heart when I first read the book – I felt very connected to him, and was totally captivated by the world and the characters. The power of hope, the belief that anything is possible, and the ability to ask “what if?” are all themes that are woven into the fabric of this film, and resonate now more than ever.”

“When I first read Kate DiCamillo’s book, I knew that I had to make The Magician’s Elephant into a film. It’s as inspiring as it is entertaining, and has such a wonderful blend of adventure, heart, magic and off-center humor. The film has such a unique visual style that transports the audience away to another world, one that Wendy and I wanted to ensure reflects the world as it really is – full of different cultures and beliefs,” said producer Julia Pistor.

The Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

Limited docuseries Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer will arrive on the streaming service on January 13, 2021. Directed by Tiller Russell, the film tells the spellbinding true story of how one of the most notorious serial killers in American history was hunted down and brought to justice.

In the sweltering summer of 1985, a record-breaking heatwave hit Los Angeles, along with a series of murders and sexual assaults that at first seemed disconnected. The victims were men, women, and children. They ranged in age from six to 82. They came from different neighborhoods, racial backgrounds and socioeconomic levels. Never before in criminal history had a single killer been responsible for such a grisly array of crimes.

Racing against the clock to stop this nocturnal monster were a young detective named Gil Carrillo from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the legendary homicide investigator Frank Salerno. As they worked tirelessly to solve the case, the media hounded their tracks, and panic gripped California.

Told through harrowing first-person interviews, gripping archival footage and spectacular original photography, this four-part series represents the definitive telling of this iconic L.A. real-life horror story, painting a portrait of how it felt to live in fear at a time when absolutely anyone could be the Night Stalker’s next victim. Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer is directed by Tiller Russell and executive produced by Russell, Tim Walsh, Eli Holzman, and Aaron Saidman.

You can watch the trailer here.

Disenchantment Part 3

From the mind of Matt Groening comes Disenchantment, the adult animated comedy fantasy series that follows the medieval misadventures of hard-drinking young Princess Bean, her feisty elf companion Elfo and her personal demon Luci. Along the way, the oddball trio encounter ogres, mermaids, walruses, and lots of human fools all while uncovering the deeper mystery of Dreamland.

The excitement builds in Disenchantment Part 3, available on January 15, 2021, as Bean continues to grow into her power and own her destiny. As the fearless friends venture out to discover new worlds, they might just find there really is no place like home.

The series features the voice talents of Abbi Jacobson (“Bean”), Eric Andre (“Luci”) and Nat Faxon (“Elfo”) along with John DiMaggio, Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, David Herman, Matt Berry, Jeny Batten, Rich Fulcher, Noel Fielding, and Lucy Montgomery.

You can watch the new trailer here.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 2

Returning for a second season on January 22, 2021, DreamWorks Animation has released the full season two trailer for Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. Now stranded on an abandoned Isla Nublar, the campers struggle to survive among the wreckage of Jurassic World. As the T.Rex takes over Main Street, forcing the kids deeper into the jungle, the discovery that they may not be alone not only threatens their rescue but may uncover something more sinister.

Inspired by the Jurassic World franchise, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous follows six teenagers chosen for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Camp Cretaceous, a new adventure camp on the opposite side of Isla Nublar, must work together to survive when dinosaurs wreak havoc across the island.

We Are: The Brooklyn Saints

And last but not least, Netflix has announced the new four-part documentary series, We Are: The Brooklyn Saints, which will premiere globally on January 29, 2021.

From Emmy-award winning filmmaker Rudy Valdez (The Sentence), Imagine Documentaries, and Disarming Films comes We Are: The Brooklyn Saints, a four-part documentary series following a youth football program in the heart of inner city East NY, Brooklyn. Geared towards boys 7-13 years old, the Brooklyn Saints program is more than a sport – it’s a family, and a vehicle for opportunity.

Through intimate verité footage, the series immerses us in the world of Brooklyn Saints football and their community, chronicling the personal stories of the driven young athletes, as well as the support system of coaches and parents rallying behind them. Over the course of a season, we witness the Saints’ power on and off the field, as they celebrate victories and overcome losses, both personal and athletic. Raw and authentic, the pressures of adolescence unfolds in real time as the boys work to propel themselves to a brighter future.

Rudy Valdez (Director, Executive Producer and DP) said: “Growing up, I rarely saw people who looked like me as the heroes of their own stories. This deeply impacted me as a person, and now as a filmmaker. With We Are: The Brooklyn Saints, there was an opportunity to feature the lives of our main characters with agency and from their own perspective; rather than the one often assumed for them.

This series exists for them and those who will watch it with the hope that a new generation will never have to wonder what it looks like to be the hero of your own story.”

We Are: The Brooklyn Saints is an Imagine Documentaries and Disarming Films Production. Executive produced by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Amy Berg, Sara Bernstein, and Justin Wilkes. Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Rudy Valdez serves as director, executive producer and cinematographer.

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