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Sundance Now September 2021 Schedule Revealed

Sundance Now has announced the movies and TV series that are coming to the AMC Networks-owned streaming service in September. The Sundance Now September 2021 lineup includes world-class dramas, mysteries and comedies from Britain and beyond.

The Sundance Now September 2021 lineup includes the series Dead Places and Cheyenne & Lola. We’ve included titles coming to Sundance Now later this fall as well.

Sundance Now September 2021 Schedule Revealed



Only Lovers Left Alive
The tale of two fragile and sensitive vampires, Adam (Tom Hiddleston, Loki) and Eve (Tilda Swinton, Doctor Strange), who have been lovers for centuries. Both are cultured intellectuals with an all-embracing passion for music, literature and science, who have evolved to a level where they no longer kill for sustenance, but still retain their innate wildness.

Their love story has endured several centuries but their debauched idyll is threatened by the uninvited arrival of Eve’s carefree little sister Ava (Mia Wasikowska, Alice in Wonderland) who hasn’t yet learned to tame her wilder instincts. (2013, Drama)


Pink Wall
Six moments that shaped the relationship of Jenna (Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black, Perry Mason) and Leon (Jay Duplass, Togetherness) and what defined them. (2019, Drama)

Sundance Now September 2021

Meek’s Cutoff
A wagon train of three families (Michelle Williams, My Week with Marilyn) has hired mountain man Stephen Meek (Bruce Greenwood, Star Trek) to guide them over the Cascade Mountains. Claiming to know a shortcut, Meek leads the group on an unmarked path across the high plain desert, only to become lost in the dry rock and sage.

Over the coming days, the emigrants must face the scourges of hunger, thirst, and their own lack of faith in each others’ instincts for survival. When a Native American wanderer crosses their path, the emigrants are torn between their trust in a guide who has proven himself unreliable and a man who has always been seen as their natural born enemy. (2010, Drama)


Dead Places Episode 1 (Exclusive Premiere)
London-based paranormal investigator, Will Stone (Anthony Oseyemi, The Red Sea Diving Resort), is the author of the international bestselling series of books, Dead Places. After returning home to South Africa to investigate Africa’s many ancient spirits and monsters, Will confronts the biggest mystery of his life. Who, or what, murdered his sister when they were children? Available on Sundance Now and ALLBLK. (8 episodes, 2021)

Dead Places


Naughty Books
Filmmaker Austen Rachlis profiles women authors who became famous after self-publishing their erotic romance novels. (2020, Documentary)

Everything: The Real Thing Story
Success for Black British musicians in the UK was pretty rare until the last quarter of the 20th century, with the likes of Winifred Atwell and Shirley Bassey breaking through in the ’50s and ’60s for others to eventually follow. Atwell was the first black musician – male or female – to have a UK No.1 with” Let’s Have Another Party,” but it took until the long, hot summer of 1976 for the first all-Black group to grab the top spot.

That group was The Real Thing, four pioneers from Liverpool whose emergence played a key role in changing the musical landscape on these shores. Simon Sheridan’s documentary lets the surviving members of the group tell their own story, recalling their rise from the tough streets of Toxteth in Liverpool, to winning over hundreds of thousands of fans across the UK. (2021, Documentary)

Wendy and Lucy
Wendy Carroll (Michelle Williams, My Week with Marilyn) is driving to Ketchikan, Alaska, in hopes of a summer of lucrative work at the Northwestern Fish cannery, and the start of a new life with her dog, Lucy. When her car breaks down in Oregon, however, the thin fabric of her financial situation comes apart, and she confronts a series of increasingly dire economic decisions, with far-ranging repercussions for herself and Lucy. Wendy and Lucy addresses issues of sympathy and generosity at the edges of American life, revealing the limits and depths of people’s duty to each other in tough times. (2008, Drama).


Dead Places Episode 2 (Exclusive Premiere)

Cheyenne & Lola (Exclusive Premiere – Binge)
Cheyenne, 35, recently released from prison, is a tattoo artist who cleans the ferries between France and the UK to save money for a future life. Lola, 25, is a beautiful Parisian woman, selfish and ruthless, who has just arrived in the North of France to move in with her lover. The past catches up with Cheyenne when she witnesses Lola killing her lover’s wife. Cheyenne assumes she’s going to be accused of the crime and Cheyenne & Lola ripen into a ruthless duo… (8 episodes, 2020, French-language drama).


Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web
In January 2012, it all came crashing down. At the FBI’s behest, 70 heavily armed officers stormed the mansion, arresting Dotcom and his coders on a range of charges relating to alleged copyright infringement by MegaUpload. Dotcom refused to be quieted. Once out on bail he continued to make waves, gathering around him an unexpected and contradictory group of bedfellows, throwing raves, starting political parties, provoking the powerful and fighting the charges against him every step of the way. (2017, Documentary)

River of Grass
Kelly Reichardt’s darkly funny debut feature brought the writer/director back to the setting of her adolescence, the suburban landscape of southern Florida, where she grew up with her detective father and narcotics agent mother. Shot on 16mm, the story follows the misadventures of disaffected housewife “Cozy”, played by Lisa Bowman (The Greatest American Hero), and the aimless layabout “Lee,” played by up and comer Larry Fessenden (Habit), who also acted as a producer and the film’s editor. (1994, Drama)


Dead Places Episode 3 (Exclusive Premiere)


Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story
What do the most ravishingly beautiful actress of the 1930s and 40s and the inventor whose concepts were the basis of cell phone and Bluetooth technology have in common? They are both Hedy Lamarr, the glamour icon whose ravishing visage was the inspiration for Snow White and Cat Woman and a technological trailblazer who perfected a secure radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes during WWII.

Weaving interviews and clips with never-before-heard audio tapes of Hedy speaking on the record about her incredible life—from her beginnings as an Austrian Jewish emigre to her scandalous nude scene in the 1933 film Ecstasy to her glittering Hollywood life to her ground-breaking, but completely uncredited inventions to her latter years when she became a recluse, impoverished and almost forgotten. (2017, Documentary)


Bloodsworth: An Innocent Man
An innocent man convicted and sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, Kirk became the first death row inmate exonerated by DNA evidence in the United States. (2015, Documentary)


Dead Places Episode 4 (Exclusive Premiere)


One Lane Bridge Season 2 (Sundance Now / AMC+)
This season, when Detective Ariki Davis (Dominic Ona-Ariki) is trying to harness his Māori gift of matakite to save his boss Stephen Tremaine (Joel Tobeck) from attempting suicide on the infamous One Lane Bridge, he inadvertently triggers a cataclysmic chain of events – unleashing rivalries and uncovering long buried secrets. Burdened by his second sight, Ariki’s loyalties are tested as he navigates a murder investigation rife with ulterior motives and conflicts of interest, including his own.


Trial in the Outback (All 3 Parts) (Sundance Now / AMC+)
Lindy Chamberlain made headlines in 1980 when she claimed a dingo had killed her 9-week-old baby in the Australian outback. With little evidence, Lindy was convicted of murder, and spent the next 30 years trying to prove her innocence. With exclusive personal accounts in this revelatory three-part true crime documentary series from award-winning director Mark Joffe, Lindy and her family finally share their own story. *Sundance Now Exclusive Series

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