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Summertime Premiere Date, Trailer and Key Art Revealed

Netflix has released the trailer of Summertime, the Italian original series produced by Cattleya — part of ITV Studios — and launching on the streaming service globally on April 29. The trailer features the songs “Missili” by Frah Quintale and “Leoni” by Francesca Michielin, included in her latest album Feat (Stato Di Natura), available since March 13th.

Both songs have been created with the collaboration of the singer-songwriter Giorgio Poi, who also composed and recorded the series’ score and helped supervise the rest of the series’ soundtrack, recreating the carefree lifestyle and emotions typical of summer.

Netflix series Summertime

“I had never composed a soundtrack before but had always wanted to,” commented Giorgio Poi. “Given the setting, I thought of using a ‘beach’ set, using classic guitars, shakers, keyboards and percussion, which I then enriched with piano, strings and synthesizers to tell the different feelings emerging in the series. The goal was to create something deeply melodic which could remain in the listener’s mind, letting them hum the melody. ”

Unforgettable hit songs like “Il cielo in una stanza” merge with some of the most beloved artists of the current Italian music scene — from indie to rap, from pop to trap — such as “Achille Lauro” with Thoiry, “Salmo” with Estate Dimmerda, “Franco126” with San Siro and “Stanza Singola” feat. Tommaso Paradiso, as well as “Gemitaiz” and “Izi’ with Mammastomale feat. Salmo, accompany this modern love story set on the Adriatic Coast.

The series also features two special cameos: the singer-songwriter and pianist Raphael Gualazzi, interpreter of the Gershwins’ timeless song “Summertime”; and the eclectic songwriting duo Coma_Cose with their enthralling “Mancarsi.”

The cast of Summertime also includes Thony, playing the role of Isabella, who was once a singer-songwriter and is now the loving mother of Summer and Blue. In the double role of actress and singer, Thony composed a song for this occasion, which she sings and plays with the guitar in a scene of the series.

The main cast includes Coco Rebecca Edogamhe, in her debut, playing Summer while Ludovico Tersigni (SKAM Italia) will be Ale. Among other cast members, Andrea Lattanzi (On My Skin) is Dario and, in their debuts, Amanda Campana as Sofia, Giovanni Maini as Edo, Alicia Ann Edogamhe as Blue. The actor Mario Sgueglia plays Maurizio, Ale’s dad.

Summertime is a modern love story set during the summer on Italy’s Adriatic Coast. An undeniable attraction brings together Ale and Summer, who come from very different worlds.

He is an ex-motorcycle champion, wild and determined to take back the reins of his life. She refuses to conform her life to the masses and dreams of flying far away, but she knows she is the glue that holds her family together.

Their love will blossom as the first umbrellas open on the beach and will grow strong and vibrant with the summer sun. For both, these holidays will be an unforgettable journey that will take them far from who they were before they met.

The eight-episode series is directed by Lorenzo Sportiello and Francesco Lagi. Inspired by the novel Tre metri sopra il cielo by Federico Moccia, it was written by Sofia Assirelli, Enrico Audenino, Mirko Cetrangolo, Daniela Delle Foglie, Daniela Gambaro, Francesco Lagi, Vanessa Picciarelli, Anita Rivaroli.

Summertime Key Art

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