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Stadia Connect: Founder’s Edition Announced and New Game Trailers!


Today, during a new Stadia Connect (watch below), Google announced the first collection of games coming to Stadia and that you can now pre-order the Stadia Founder’s Edition at the Google Store.

The Founder’s Edition packs nearly $300 of value into just $129.99 and includes: A Chromecast Ultra; a limited-edition Night Blue Stadia Controller; three months of Stadia Pro; a three-month Buddy Pass to bring one friend along for the ride; and dibs on selecting a Stadia Name.

The Founder’s Edition gives fans the highest quality gaming experience – you’ll get Stadia Pro and the ability to play your favorite games across multiple screens (for those of you with a 4K TV and Stadia Pro, you’ll get up to 4K HDR resolution at 60 frames per second with 5.1 surround sound). Stadia Pro will include free content, as well as discounts on titles you buy. The first free title is Destiny 2, and it comes with the base game, all previous add-ons, the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion and the annual pass. And after your free three-month subscription ends, Stadia Pro is only $9.99 per month.

If you want to pick up an extra controller for multiplayer games, for your laptop or just to keep a spare in your backpack, they come in three colors — Just Black, Clearly White or Wasabi — for $69.99. You’ll be able to access Stadia at launch this November in 14 countries: U.S., Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, U.K.—and they’re working to expand to additional countries in 2020.

Below, you will find the game announcements and new trailers from the Stadia Connect:

Baldur’s Gate III

Developed by the creators of Divinity: Original Sin 2, Baldur’s Gate III is the official next adventure in the venerable Baldur’s Gate series. The teaser trailer shows a return of a malevolent presence to Baldur’s Gate, intent on devouring it from the inside out, corrupting everything that remains in the Forgotten Realms. The fate of the Forgotten Realms lies in your hands.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint

This is no place for the weak. Take on the Wolves when Ghost Recon Breakpoint launches October 4.


Introducing Gylt, a haunting single player puzzle adventure game where you must help Sally navigate a surprising world in the search for her missing cousin Emily. Developed by Tequila Works and published by Stadia Games and Entertainment, the game is exclusively for Stadia.

Get Packed

Packing up your stuff has never been this difficult…and fun! Prepare for the ultimate co-op game with ridiculous physics and up to four player carnage. Get Packed dispatches to Stadia in 2020.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is coming to Google Stadia! Get ready for an all-new way to join the battle for D.C.

Destiny 2: The Collection & Shadowkeep

Bungie is excited to bring the world of Destiny 2 to Google Stadia. Play Destiny 2: The Collection and the latest chapter, Shadowkeep, whenever and wherever you want.

With Destiny 2: The Collection, players can experience the full breadth of the Destiny world and its responsive first-person shooter combat. Explore rich worlds with sweeping vistas and stunning visuals, and earn an arsenal of powerful weapons and armor. Bring your personalized Guardian into a large variety of activities and modes – from cooperative quests, competitive modes, challenging endgame activities, and more.

With Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, new Nightmares have emerged from the shadows of our forgotten Moon. Called forth by haunting visions from her tormented past, Eris Morn has returned and unleashed something that once slumbered beneath the lunar surface – a long dormant power even she cannot control.

Return to the Moon. Journey deep into a mysterious enemy citadel. Help Eris slay these nightmares before they reach out beyond the Moon to cast humanity back into an age of darkness.

Stadia Connect 6.6.2019 – Official Sizzle Reel

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