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Spy City Trailer Featuring Dominic Cooper

AMC+ has released the trailer (watch below) for its newest original series Spy City, premiering exclusively in the U.S. on Thursday, April 15. The six-part series stars Dominic Cooper with new episodes premiering weekly on the service each Thursday.

Spy City Trailer Featuring Dominic Cooper

The espionage Cold War series follows the awful dilemma faced by the English spy Fielding Scott (Dominic Cooper, Preacher, Captain America: The First Avenger), as he is sent to Berlin in 1961 on a mission to find out the source of the leak of vital security information. The Russians, it seems, know everything.

Someone in Berlin is giving away all the secrets of the Western — American, British, and French — powers. Fielding has been given possibly the hardest job in the world: clean up Berlin. He must find out who the traitor is and expose, arrest, or eliminate that person.

Spy City Trailer Featuring Dominic Cooper

Along with Cooper, Spy City stars Romane Portail (Sense8), Leonie Benesch (The Crown) and Johanna Wokalek (Tatort).

Created and written by novelist and screenwriter William Boyd (Restless, Chaplin) and directed and photographed by German Portuguese filmmaker Miguel Alexandre (The Inspector and the Sea), Spy City is an Odeon Fiction production in co-production with ZDF, Seven Stories and Wilma Film and in association with Magenta TV.

The AMC+ series was co-financed and executive produced by Miramax, and distributed globally through ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group funded by FFF Bayern, Nordmedia, German Motion Picture Fund, and Czech Film Fund.

William Boyd, Dominic Cooper, Bill Block, Thomas Augsberger, Michael Schuld, Sven Philipp, Wolfgang Feindt, and Annika Schmidt serve as executive producers; Anand Tucker and Colleen Woodcock serve as co-producers; Andrea Wetzel serves as line producer; Mischa Hofmann, Britta Meyermann, and Ann-Kathrin Eicher serve as producers.

Casting was done by Colin Jones, Suse Marquardt, Alexandra Koknat, Arwa Salmanová, and Annette Trumel.


Episode One – “Operation Beethoven” – Premieres Thursday, April 15
1961. Disgraced British spy, Fielding Scott, is given a chance to redeem himself in Berlin. He has to organize the defection of an East German scientist. Everything goes disastrously wrong.

Episode Two – “Out of the Past” – Premieres Thursday, April 22
The fatal fiasco of the “Beethoven” defection has consequences. Fielding is tasked with finding and eliminating the traitor. Fielding begins to recruit his own private army.

Episode Three – “My Enemy’s Enemy” – Premieres Thursday, April 29
Fielding’s Berlin life is unraveling. He decides to “go rogue” and provoke the Russians into retaliating. At the same time, he is now being blackmailed over his affair with Severine.

Episode Four – “The Flower Market” – Premieres Thursday, May 6
Fielding’s clever plan seems to be working. The Russians are agitated, running scared. A date is mentioned for the first time – Sunday, August 13th. What will happen in Berlin on that day?

Episode Five – “Dark Imaginings” – Premieres Thursday, May 13
Fielding feels threatened and drops out of sight. Three urgent questions preoccupy him – the Beirut photograph; Severine’s obsession with Udo Hoff; and the date – Sunday, August 13th.

Episode Six – “The Wall” – Premieres Thursday, May 20
A reeling Fielding unmasks the traitor, and all the Berlin mysteries are explained.

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