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Space Force Season 2 and Race: Bubba Wallace Trailers

Netflix has brought online the trailers for both Space Force Season 2 and the documentary series Race: Bubba Wallace. Space Force Season 2 will be available on Feb. 18, and Race: Bubba Wallace follows on Feb. 22.

From co-creators Steve Carell and Greg Daniels (The Office), Space Force is a new kind of workplace comedy where the stakes are sky-high and the ambitions even higher.

Space Force Season 2 and Race: Bubba Wallace Trailers

In the Space Force, a decorated pilot with dreams of running the Air Force, four-star general Mark R. Naird (Steve Carell) is thrown for a loop when he finds himself tapped to lead the newly-formed sixth branch of the US Armed Forces: Space Force.

Skeptical but dedicated, Mark uproots his family and moves to a remote base in Colorado where he and a colorful team of scientists and “Spacemen” are tasked by the White House with getting American boots on the moon (again) in a hurry and achieving total space dominance.

Space Force

Space Force Season 2 picks up with General Naird and his underdog team having to prove their worth to a new administration while dealing with interpersonal challenges.

Will the group come together or fall apart under the pressure…? Space Force is only human, after all.

John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Tawny Newsome, Diana Silvers, Jimmy O. Yang, and Don Lake also star in the series. The executive producers include Greg Daniels, Steve Carell, Howard Klein, Norm Hiscock, Brent Forrester, and Ken Kwapis.

Filming in Vancouver last year, the second season will consist of seven 30-minute episodes. Greg Daniels and Norm Hiscock are the showrunners. You can watch the new official trailer here.

Race: Bubba Wallace

Race: Bubba Wallace, which will consist of six 45-minute episodes, chronicles both the personal and professional tracks of race car driver Bubba Wallace’s life.

With exclusive access to Wallace during the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season, his first with Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin’s 23XI Racing, the series traces his rise to the elite ranks of NASCAR as the only full-time Black driver and the turbulent aftermath that followed his decision to speak out about racial injustice.

Over the course of the series, Wallace reckons with who he is on and off the track, finding himself as both a driver and an activist.

Race: Bubba Wallace

He confronts his mental health issues and permanently alters the notoriously white and conservative sport of racing by inspiring the ban on the Confederate flag.

While dealing with the stress of competition and the public fallout both at the track and on social media from his stand, Wallace is supported in his efforts by his family and members of the racing community.

The series includes appearances by Bubba’s fiancée and family members, his team behind-the-scenes, 23XI Racing co-owner and top NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin, and fellow drivers Kyle Busch and Richard Petty.

Also appearing are NASCAR executives and commentators Michael Strahan, Jemele Hill, and W. Kamau Bell, who help contextualize what it means to be the only Black individual in a white space.

Race: Bubba Wallace is executive produced and directed by Erik Parker with fellow executive producers Kevin Liles, Nolan Baynes, and Kelly G. Griffin for 300 Studios; Andrew Fried, Dane Lillegard, Jordan Wynn, and Sarina Roma for Boardwalk Pictures; Matt Summers, Tim Clark, and Tally Hair for NASCAR.

“This is unlike any project I’ve ever participated in; it’s a raw, emotional, and completely transparent account of the events that took place throughout the 2020 and 2021 NASCAR seasons. With me, what you see is what you get. You’ll witness the peaks and valleys of the sport and see how one’s actions off of the race track are just as important as the ones on it,” said Wallace.

“One of the most compelling pieces of the series is the additional insight the viewers will gain by hearing from my peers, family, and some of my partners who played a role in this monumental journey. Join me as we break down barriers, confront controversy, and welcome a new fan base to the sport of NASCAR.”

You can watch the official trailer on YouTube.

Race: Bubba Wallace