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Showtime January 2023 Schedule Announced

Showtime has announced the movies, TV shows and sports programming coming to the service in January. The Showtime January 2023 lineup includes sports docuseries Boys in Blue, Your Honor Season 2, and the Season 3 finale of The L Word: Generation Q.

The Showtime January 2023 slate also features Boys in Blue, which narrows in on a high school football team comprised of mostly black student-athletes coached by members of the Minneapolis Police Department. The docuseries examines the unique safe harbor forged by the relationships fostered between the players and their coaches.

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Showtime January 2023 Schedule Announced

The Bryan Cranston-led drama Your Honor returns for a rousing last season. After the death of his son, Michael Desiato (Cranston) is almost unrecognizable compared to the upstanding judge he once was before the passing of his son.

Holding on to life by a thread, Desiato is thrown into the fray again when he crosses paths with Rosie Perez’s Olivia Delgado, a militant federal prosecutor hellbent on bringing down an organized crime ring.

Showtime January 2023

On the season finale of The L Word: Generation Q, Shane and Sophie challenge old patterns while Alice discovers “The One” may be closer than she thinks. Dani distracts herself from Dre until a surprising revelation forces her to choose what she really wants.

Micah and Maribel make moves toward becoming parents, while Finley takes a big step into adulthood. All the season’s love, lust, loss, laughs and longing come to a head in the thrilling, breathtaking season finale.

Showtime January 2023

Also this month, Showtime subscribers will have access to plenty of new theatrical collections, including the “BFFs” collection, which contains a handful of films chronicling the typical and not-so-typical best friend antics. The “Movies For Your Mood: On The Edge” collection will make you break a sweat with heart-racing films.

You can view the Showtime January 2023 originals, followed by the movie release schedule and streaming collections, below.

Showtime January 2023


BOYS IN BLUE – Docuseries Premiere: Friday, January 6
Boys in Blue focuses on North High School’s Polars football team, where mostly Black student-athletes are coached and mentored by members of the Minneapolis Police Department. The series follows the team as they navigate life after the tragic police killing of George Floyd, a milestone event in American history that set off a national movement for social justice and police reform.

Despite their differences, the officers and students find common ground on the field and kinship in the drive to win a state championship, establishing what they believe is a safe harbor from the violence and civil unrest of their community. As players and coaches return to the field with visions of championship glory, their sense of normalcy and optimism are tested like never before.

YOUR HONOR – Season 2 Premiere: Friday, January 13
In season two of Your Honor, some will seek salvation in response to the tremendous loss they suffered, while others will seek revenge. Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston) has lost the will to live and any semblance of the upstanding judge he once was before the death of his son, Adam.

But his life is thrown yet again into chaos by the arrival of Olivia Delgado (Rosie Perez), a laser-focused federal prosecutor determined to bring down a major crime organization. Meanwhile, crime boss Jimmy Baxter (Michael Stuhlbarg) is looking to go legit, but a war is brewing at home with his formidable wife, Gina (Hope Davis), who has other ideas for the family business.

Moreover, daughter Fia Baxter (Lilli Kay) is forced to reckon with the true nature of her family as she deals with the fallout of her boyfriend’s shooting by a bullet that was intended for her brother, Carlo (Jimi Stanton), who is now more determined than ever to follow in his father’s criminal footsteps. Eugene Jones (Benjamin Flores Jr.), who mistakenly shot Adam, is on the run.

Big Mo (Andrene Ward-Hammond) has big plans for her empire but little faith in Little Mo’s (Keith Machekanyanga) allegiance. New mayor Charlie Figaro (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) aims to keep the peace among the warring factions, but senses betrayal by an unlikely source.

And Michael and his mother-in-law, Elizabeth (guest star Margo Martindale), uncover the truth about his late wife, Robin’s, murder, while Detective Nancy Costello (guest star Amy Landecker) unearths some startling revelations of her own.

The domino effect of Adam’s death threatens everyone, and they will all be pursued by their enemies at every turn. Ultimately, the question remains: How far are you willing to go to protect what matters most to you?

THE L WORD: GENERATION Q – Season 3 Finale: Friday, January 20
Picking up right where the dramatic season two cliffhanger left off, The L Word: Generation Q continues to follow the cast of characters as they struggle with secrets, old scars and new flames on their search for “the one.”

Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals) is on the brink of a devastating letdown or startling confession after Tina (guest star Laurel Holloman) appears at her door; while they determine their future together, their daughter Angie (Jordan Hull) embraces her new freedom at college, finding love in all the wrong places.

At the bungalow, Finley (Jacqueline Toboni) returns from rehab and discovers news about Sophie (Rosanny Zayas) that threatens both her sobriety and their relationship. Meanwhile, Dani (Arienne Mandi) and Micah (Leo Sheng) both attempt to take major steps forward in their relationships, but Gigi’s (Sepideh Moafi) baggage and Maribel’s (guest star Jillian Mercado) temper put their plans to the test.

The drama heightens as Shane (Kate Moennig) and Tess (Jamie Clayton) grapple with secrets that could tear them apart for good, while Alice (Leisha Hailey) questions whether she’ll ever find her soulmate, or if she’s doomed to be alone forever. Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Faison also return to guest star in their roles of Carrie and Tom, respectively.


A look at the movies that will be available as part of the Showtime January 2023 lineup.


Agent Game

A Love Song

Baby Boom

Black Snake Moan

Changing Lanes


Dazed and Confused

Deadly Cuts


Dirty Work

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story

Fatal Attraction

Four Rooms

Good Will Hunting

Last Action Hero

Like Water for Chocolate

Marathon Man

Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat

Match Point




Paradise Hills

Pulp Fiction


Ski Patrol

Small Soldiers

Stand by Me

Stir Crazy


Terminator Genisys

The Contractor

The Holiday

The Last Castle

The Limey

The Opposite of Sex

The People vs. Larry Flynt

The Queens of Comedy


True Grit


Wild Things



Ali & Ava

Silent House




In addition to the Showtime January 2023 schedule, you can check out these collections on the streaming service next month.


Almost Famous, A Night at the Roxbury, Booty Call, Death at a Funeral, Good Will Hunting, Last Vegas, Pulp Fiction, Spring Breakers, Stand By me, Stir Crazy, The Bling Ring, The Florida Project, and The Mod Squad.


Crawl, Good Time, Immanence, Marathon Man, The Novice, The Usual Suspects, Whiplash, and Zodiac.