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Seth Gordon to Direct Ground Control to Major Tom

Solstice Studios has acquired Ground Control to Major Tom, to be directed by Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses, Four Christmases), and casting has begun. Solstice Studios will distribute the film in the U.S. and sell the international rights.

Ground Control to Major Tom is the story of an astronaut and a NASA ground control expert who have never met but fall in love over the course of the astronaut’s classified mission to an abandoned space station.

When things go wrong and the astronaut’s ship is destroyed, ground control and the rest of the world presume he’s dead — until 18 months pass and they receive word he’s alive. Now, the only thing standing between them is a huge expanse of space and a dangerous attempt to get him home.

The screenplay is written by Jason Micallef (who created the Heathers TV series and wrote Butter). The producers are Michael De Luca (The Social Network, Moneyball, Captain Phillips), Trevor Engleson and Josh Turner McGuire.

Solstice Studios is an independent movie company based in Los Angeles, founded in October 2018. The studio develops, fully finances, produces, sells internationally and distributes feature films in the U.S. on a wide-release basis. Solstice produces three to five movies per year for a global audience, generally in the $20-80 million budget range. The company also co-finances or acquires another one to two films per year for wide US distribution.

The company’s first theatrical release will be Unhinged, starring Academy Award winner Russell Crowe. Solstice will also start production in April 2020 on Robert Rodriquez’s mind-bending action thriller Hypnotic, starring Academy Award winner Ben Affleck.

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