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Roku Orders More Great American Baking Show and Honest Renovations

Today, Roku announced plans to expand tentpole Roku Original series The Great American Baking Show and Honest Renovations by greenlighting brand-new seasonal specials for both franchises and ordering an early season-three renewal for The Great American Baking Show. The first seasons of both series opened as the #1 on-demand titles on The Roku Channel during their respective opening weekends.

The second season of both franchises will debut later this year. The projects will continue to bolster The Roku Channel’s food and home programming slate, which is also curated within Roku’s All Things Food and All Things Home platform zones.

Roku Orders More Great American Baking Show and Honest Renovations

“Featuring fantastic talent and heartwarming stories, ‘The Great American Baking Show’ and ‘Honest Renovations’ exemplify the best of Roku Originals,” said Brian Tannenbaum, Head of Originals, Roku Media. We’re proud to continue building on the success of these marquee franchises that have resonated with our millions of Roku streamers.”

“What could be sweeter than more of ‘The Great American Baking Show?’ We can’t wait to return to the iconic tent to meet the next batch of bakers and to put your favorite celebrities and athletes to the test,” said Zach Cherry and Casey Wilson, hosts of The Great American Baking Show. “Hosting ‘The Great American Baking Show’ has already been so much fun—we can’t wait to show viewers what we’re baking up for season three and these brand-new specials only on The Roku Channel.”

“We are absolutely delighted to be producing a third season of ‘The Great American Baking Show’ and a number of specials for Roku,” said Richard McKerrow, executive producer and co-creator with Anna Beattie for Love Productions.

“The creative partnership with Roku grows from strength to strength, and it’s a real joy to invite another group of America’s best amateur bakers and the various celebrities, including comedians, athletes, and football fans, to the iconic tent where their bakes will be judged by Paul and Prue. I know it’s one of their favorite events of the year.”

“Over the past two seasons, we have had the honor of meeting so many special families who welcomed us into their homes and trusted us to transform their spaces,” said Jessica Alba and Lizzy Mathis, hosts of Honest Renovations. “The holidays are our favorite time of year when lasting memories are made amongst family and friends, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to spread some of that cheer in our upcoming special, ‘Honest Renovations: A Holiday Makeover.’”

“We are thrilled that ‘Honest Renovations’ has moved viewers in the way we hoped it would. We set out to make a feel-good show that would entertain and educate our audience about what is possible in the renovation space when there is focus placed on family,” said Dunia McNeily, executive producer of Honest Renovations. “We’re so happy to partner with Roku again to bring more functionality and comfort to our families—and just in time for the holidays.”

“‘Honest Renovations’ ticks a unique box, combining Jessica and Lizzy’s authentic voices with a visual aesthetic that is both relatable and aspirational,” said Lucilla D’Agostino, executive producer of Honest Renovations. “We’re so proud of this show, the upcoming holiday special, and to be in the home renovation space with Roku.”

Shot in the iconic tent made famous in The Great British Bake-Off, The Great American Baking Show celebrates passionate, diverse, and talented amateur baking enthusiasts competing to be crowned the Best Amateur Baker in the U.S. Both season three and the new specials will be hosted by Casey Wilson (Saturday Night Live, Happy Endings) and Zach Cherry (Severance) and feature iconic judges Paul Hollywood and Dame Prue Leith.

The franchise was created and produced by Love Productions, with Richard McKerrow, Letty Kavanagh, Kieran Smith, Jeremy Finn, and Adam Cooper serving as executive producers.

The Great American Baking Show: Celebrity Holiday Special will return for its third iteration, featuring the deliciously entertaining holiday treat of celebrities competing for charity.

The Great American Baking Show: Big Game Special will invite viewers to join fan-favorite athletes and celebrity football fans in the iconic tent as they prepare special bakes for America’s biggest sporting event of the year.

The Great American Baking Show: Sweet Summer Special will feature celebrities and comedians competing to make the best summer sweets and treats.

In Honest Renovations, Jessica Alba and Lizzy Mathis go into the homes of deserving families to pull them out of their ruts and purify their spaces. Through an honest look at the lives of these parents and young families, Jessica and Lizzy bring life-changing renovations that transform not only the home but the families as well.

The brand-new special Honest Renovations: A Holiday Makeover will follow Alba and Mathis as they meet the Pauls, a family of 10, and help transform their home just in time for their annual holiday party.

Honest Renovations and the upcoming Holiday Makeover special are produced by 3 Arts Entertainment, MGM, Summit House Entertainment, and Rahmath Productions. Jessica Alba, Lizzy Mathis, Dunia McNeily, Oly Obst, Lucilla D’Agostino, Jordana Starr, Michael Matsumoto, and Andrea Richter serve as executive producers.

Both franchises are overseen by Olivia LaRoche, Head of Alternative Originals, on behalf of Roku Originals.