Review: Big Mouth’s ‘My Furry Valentine’

If you aren’t watching Big Mouth on Netflix, now is an excellent time to start. The sweet, gross, musical-moment filled Valentine’s special “My Furry Valentine” is up and it’s everything you could ask for. Heartbreak, budding friendships, and lots of furry monster wang. It’s basically a perfect Valentine’s Day.

For this special episode, the comedy powerhouses at Big Mouth give us reality show style commentary by our favorite couples. Life is pretty much the same for Maury and Andrew, but the interviews give us a glimpse into how things are going with our new pairs. Nick and Connie are trying to figure it out if a girl hormone monstress can work with a boy and Matthew and Maury are doing just fine, even if Matthew is a little lonely. It’s super uncomfortable and adorable at the same time. Which has become the greatest part of Big Mouth’s magic.

“My Furry Valentine” reminds us that love is hard, in middle school or middle age, and we all feel awkward, wrong, and confused pretty much all the time. Everyone just wants to survive another Valentine’s, and they are trying hard. Jay desperately tries to please his lady and dude sex pillows with romantic dates while Andrew tries not to ruin everything by ruining everything.

While the special does continue on with last season’s storyline, it is an episode newcomers can watch and enjoy. It will give the new viewer dossier-like information on the characters and their relationships. The seasoned viewer is going to be somehow heartwarmed by Nick’s (Nick Kroll) nipples and extra thrilled by Connie’s (Maya Rudolph) musical number. The Oedipal Arrangements bit is fun for the entire audience.

Currently, “My Furry Valentine” is listed as part of Season 3 (S3 E0), and we know the complete S3 is coming sometime this year. Get your Big Mouth fix or jump in for the first time! Valentine’s Day doesn’t get much better than this.

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