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Peacock Announces Docuseries Epstein’s Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell

Peacock today announced Epstein’s Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell, an investigative documentary series revealing the complicated and mysterious life of Ghislaine Maxwell and her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

The Peacock original will premiere on the streaming service June 24, 2021. You can watch the trailer for the docuseries using the player below.

Peacock Announces Docuseries Epstein's Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell
Photo Courtesy of Peacock

Produced by Blue Ant Studios, the three-part documentary series is an investigation into the British socialite known for her association with financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, as she awaits trial on multiple sex trafficking charges.

The documentary series will include dozens of candid and powerful exclusive interviews, rare and previously unseen tapes of the Maxwell family including exclusive footage of Ghislaine and her father Robert, interview footage of Ghislaine in the aftermath of her father’s death, and previously unpublished photos.

Epstein’s Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell will investigate the powerful, connected, and mysterious Ghislaine Maxwell, who was once the heiress to the Maxwell fortune but whose life takes a sordid downturn when she meets Jeffrey Epstein, the serial sex offender.

This investigative series will reveal a complicated story of power, sex, and money, which leads to Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest awaiting trial in November 2021.

“NBCUniversal has a long history with true crime and documentary style programs, and we are excited to carry our history of immersive and gripping storytelling through to Peacock with the addition of this new original three-part series,” said Rod Aissa, Executive Vice President, Unscripted Content, NBCUniversal.

“With our partners Blue Ant Studios, we’ve created a compelling and premium investigative documentary series that will serve as a comprehensive deep-dive prior to the long-awaited trial in November 2021.”

“This is a story that has stunned the world, and understanding Ghislaine Maxwell is a crucial piece in getting to the truth,” said Blue Ant Studios Chief Creative Officer and Co-President, Laura Michalchyshyn, and Senior Vice President of Unscripted Content, Jennifer Harkness.

“Our hope is that the powerful stories and information uncovered in this series will shed light on who Maxwell is, and help to inform viewers about the events that unfolded leading to her arrest and upcoming trial.”

“There are many unfortunate stories of crimes committed by men against women, but when a woman like Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of this activity, it creates many questions,” said director Barbara Shearer.

“This series sheds light on Maxwell’s path from her past to the present to unravel the enigma that she is, and takes us from the highest echelons of society to a Brooklyn jail cell awaiting trial while the world watches.”

Directed by Barbara Shearer. Jennifer Harkness, Emma Cooper, Barbara Shearer, Nina Burleigh, Sam Sniderman and Laura Michalchyshyn serve as executive producers. Michael McKinley serves as co-executive producer. For Sky, Jack Oliver, Jamie Morris, and Poppy Dixon also serve as executive producers.

Epstein’s Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell is produced by Blue Ant Studios. The series will also premiere on Sky in the UK on June 28.

Poster Courtesy of Peacock

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