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Over the Moon Clip and Phillipa Soo Song Released

Netflix has provided Vital Thrills with a new Over the Moon clip and the music video for “Ultraluminary,” performed by Phillipa Soo. The new animated film from Pearl Studio will launch on the streaming service on October 23.

In the Over the Moon clip, which you can watch below, you get to meet the ultimate step-brother duo Chin and Croak. Music from the animated film, including nine original songs plus an original score by Steven Price, will be available on October 23 from Sony Music Masterworks (pre-order the album).

Of the soundtrack, director Glen Keane says: “Over the Moon wasn’t originally intended to be a musical – but in the creative process we discovered the emotions of the characters ran so deep that there were often times where words simply weren’t enough.

Keane added: “Singing felt like the purest way to capture our characters’ journeys! Our songwriters Chris Curtis, Marjorie Duffield and Helen Park absolutely nailed the intention and spirit of Over the Moon, and I know our screenwriter Audrey Wells felt the same way. Steven Price’s gorgeous and uplifting score really made the film soar. We are lucky to have had the chance to collaborate with these talented musicians.”

Speaking of “Ultraluminary,” Glen Keane said: “The title ‘Ultraluminary’ describes a song that emanates light. We needed Helen, Chris and Margie to create the melody, rhythm and lyrics needed to capture the dizzying joy, energy and outrageous confidence of our goddess, Chang’e and her dazzling world of Lunaria… that’s all!

“No tall order! I’ll never forget the day in Peilin’s office where it all came together. It felt like a miracle happened that day. One could not help but dance to that amazing song!”

“Over the Moon has been such a deeply personal journey for the three of us. We each connected with the themes of healing, a longing to be seen and felt a real connection to Audrey’s magical words,” added songwriters Christopher Curtis, Marjorie Duffield and Helen Park.

“We are so thankful that Glen had a vision to make the film a musical, and that we had the chance to work in such close collaboration with him and the whole team on a project we hope will touch the hearts and souls of anyone who sees it.”

Of the score, composer Steven Price said: “Having the opportunity to journey to the moon and back with Glen Keane and his incredible team has been a wonderful experience. Every sequence in the movie is filled with so much imagination and heart that it was a constant joy to write music for, and I can’t wait for audiences to see the film.

“The process of working with Glen, talking about these characters and feeling the music and visuals evolve together as the film reached its final form was one of the great delights of my life, and I’m so proud and grateful to have been involved in this beautiful, emotional story.”

Over the Moon was directed by Keane (Dear Basketball) from a script by the late Audrey Wells (The Hate U Give).

The Over the Moon movie is voiced by Cathy Ang, GRAMMY winner Phillipa Soo (Hamilton), newcomer Robert G. Chiu, Ken Jeong (Crazy Rich Asians), John Cho (Searching), Ruthie Ann Miles (All Rise), Emmy nominee Margaret Cho, three-time SAG winner Kimiko Glenn (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), Artt Butler, and two-time Golden Globe winner Sandra Oh (Killing Eve).

Fueled with determination and a passion for science, a bright young girl builds a rocket ship to the moon to prove the existence of a legendary Moon Goddess. There she ends up on an unexpected quest, and discovers a whimsical land of fantastical creatures.

Over the Moon is an exhilarating musical adventure about moving forward, embracing the unexpected, and the power of imagination.

Cathy Ang voices Fei Fei, a bright young dreamer and lover of science. She believes anything is possible and her determination to prove that Chang’e exists takes her to the moon and back.

Hamilton star Phillipa Soo voices Chang’e, the legendary moon goddess herself. Despite being a larger-than-life diva and the source of all light on Lunaria, she still longs for Houyi, her one true love.

Ken Jeong voices Gobi, an endearing, but sometimes exasperating Lunarian who becomes an unexpected companion to Fei Fei on her adventure.

Robert G. Chiu voices Chin, Fei Fei’s rambunctious, high-energy brother-to-be. Though he can be annoying at times, he also believes in the impossible, just like Fei Fei.

John Cho voices Fei Fei’s Father, the proud owner of a mooncake shop and a man of science who approaches the world logically, though he can see the joy that the legend of Chang’e brings to Fei Fei and her mother.

Broadway star Ruthie Ann Miles voices Fei Fei’s Mother, a warm and loving figure who leads with her heart and is inspired by Fei Fei’s imagination.

Sandra Oh voices Mrs. Zhong. Patient and understanding, Mrs. Zhong is Fei Fei’s future stepmother. She gives Fei Fei the room she needs to understand and work through her feelings.

Kimiko Glenn voices Auntie Mei, a romantic who loves the stories about Chang’e, while Margaret Cho voices Auntie Ling, who believes that the stories about Chang’e are nothing more than tall tales.

The characters also include Bungee, who was a gift from Mother and is Fei Fei’s most loyal (and adorable) companion — one who literally follows her to the ends of the Earth. Croak is Chin’s pet frog who, unlike his owner, remains fairly chill under most circumstances.

In addition to the Over the Moon clip and “Ultraluminary” video, you can still watch the previously-released trailers, “Rocket to the Moon” lyric video, and behind-the-scenes clip below.

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