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Outlast Cast and Trailer Revealed by Netflix

Netflix has revealed the cast and trailer for Outlast, a new kind of survival competition where 16 lone wolves battle each other and the elements for a chance to win 1 million dollars. You can learn all about the cast members and watch the trailer by scrolling down.

Outlast, which will consist of eight 45-minute episodes, will premiere on the streaming service on March 10, 2023.

Outlast Cast and Trailer Revealed by Netflix

Netflix says that there is only one rule in the cut throat game of Outlast: The contestants must be part of a team to win.

From Nomad Entertainment and Aggregate Films, the series is executive produced by Grant Kahler, Mike Odair, Jason Bateman, Michael Costigan, and Emma Ho.

Outlast Cast and Trailer Revealed by Netflix


Amber Asay
Age: 34
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Amber turned her life around after struggling with addiction and being shot in the face by the man she loved. To heal, she journeyed into the desert with a shaman for three days with no gear. She’s explored the Enchantments, one of the most grueling treks in North America, clocking 26 miles in a day, and has since taken up long-haul hiking, also known as thru-hiking.

Outlast - Amber Asay

Andrea Hilderbrand
Age: 51
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Engineer Andrea grew up in the middle of a national forest in the south, and claims that “no self respecting Southerner grows up without hunting and fishing.” Andrea competes in CrossFit competitions and enjoys extreme survival sports and endurance races. She’s also completed mountaineering expeditions in the US, Europe and South America.

Outlast - Andrea Hilderbrand

Angie Kenai
Age: 30
Location: San Antonio, Texas

Angie is a former member of the Texas State Guard where she worked to provide disaster relief, and while most people would describe the job as grueling, she describes it as fun. She’s an EMT who’s an avid climber and fisher. She also hunts, and prefers to use recurve bows to hunt hogs and turkeys, but can work traps and nets (as well as axes, knives, rifles, handguns and slingshots, for what it’s worth). The shark tattoo on her arm is a reminder of her next goal: To catch a shark.

Outlast - Angie Esparza

Brian Kahrs
Age: 59
Location: Holiday, Florida

Brian grew up during the height of the Cold War, and nuclear attack drills were a daily occurrence at his school. He joined a survival group as a teenager, and he never looked back. His nickname is MacGyver — you can guess why.

Corey Johnson
Age: 28
Location: Parker, Colorado

Corey started out as a model in NYC, but quickly learned that city life wasn’t for him. He moved back to his hometown to follow his true passion: the outdoors. Since then, he’s been teaching himself how to live in the wilderness alone, and is currently planning a 50-day survival mission. He builds shelters, fishes, and hunts bear, waterfowl, elk and whitetail. He’s come face-to-face with a mountain lion, and prides himself on knowing how to read animal behavior.

Dawn Nelson
Age: 43
Location: Creston, Washington

Raised in the mountains, practically on horseback, Dawn started carrying a gun when she was still a child. She was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant with her daughter; and after a C-section, a mastectomy and numerous reconstructive surgeries, Dawn is tougher than ever. She’s also a former corrections officer, a published author, a phlebotomist and a lab assistant at a small-town hospital. She and her husband are raising their daughter on a cattle ranch.

Javier Colon
Age: 42
Location: San Francisco

Raised in the Rust Belt, Javier developed a taste for wanderlust early and has since grown into a seasoned traveler with 23 years of international outdoor experience. He’s taken a 31-day backpacking journey across Spain and a solo bicycle tour of 1,000 miles around the entire island of Iceland. Javier enjoys an off-the-grid lifestyle that enables him to thrive with few resources.

Jill Ashock
Age: 40
Location: New Haven, Kentucky

Jill has worked as a private investigator and firefighter/EMT and teaches wilderness survival, plant ID and self-confidence classes. A mother of three, Jill is a professional angler and has been ranked first in her state for archery. She’s also built and designed several houses, including the one she lives in.

Joel Hungate
Age: 33
Location: McCordsville, Indiana

Joel is an engineer, health care and technology innovator and a mountaineer who was the first to ascend a peak in a remote region of Western Mongolia: To rescue a person injured in a rock slide, he and an international team of alpinists executed a harrowing evacuation and emergency stabilization, and still successfully summited despite deteriorating conditions.

Jordan Williams
Age: 25
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Jordan professionally honed his survival skills in the US Marines and feels at home in a jungle, the desert and amphibious and mountainous terrains. As a team member, he’s got one mantra: “Put up or shut up.”

Justin Court
Age: 44
Location: La Grange, Kentucky

Justin is an avid bowhunter and has worked as a guide in Montana. He’s also a black belt in jiujitsu who’s survived an avalanche, surfed all over the world and broken his share of bones. (“I’d rather have a broken bone than a broken heart.”) He believes the key to surviving in the wilderness comes down to optimizing three main components: mindset, tactics and gear.

Lee Ettinger
Age: 57
Location: Bigfork, Montana

Lee played extreme sports as a kid, and later served eight years in the United States Marine Corps with deployments in a Special Operations Qualified Advance Landing Unit. Lee also lived for five years in rural Japan while working for the Japanese government, before moving to Montana, where he’s founder and CEO of Better Living Products. Lee thrives in winter.

Nick Radner
Age: 36
Location: Tampa, Florida

Nick is a high-school teacher and wrestling coach who tells his students they need to be the best at what they’re doing or it’s a waste of time. He recently climbed Mount Shasta solo and has traveled all over the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevadas and Northeast United States.

Paul Preece
Age: 47
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

As a child, Paul hunted small game out of necessity for his family table; today, he hunts big game to provide additional food for his family. He considers himself a professional hunter and fisherman and passes on his love for the outdoors by teaching skills to youth and novice hunters each season, as well as guiding veterans on whitetail bowhunting trips.

Seth Lueker
Age: 31
Location: Winchester, Virginia

At 19, Seth enlisted in the Marine Corps and was stationed in Hawaii, where he learned combat survival, land navigation and — as he puts it — “how to properly get sunburned on a beach.” But most of his survival skills were self-taught during his childhood growing up on a farm in Virginia, where he learned to hunt, fish and track game.

Timothy Spears
Age: 33
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Tim attributes his love for the outdoors to his late grandfather, who once took him on a three-week trip to Canada to hunt, camp and survive in the wilderness. Now that he lives in Colorado, he’s been exploring the Colorado Trail. He believes nature is where humans are meant to be and would give up anything for the opportunity to test his skills in the wild indefinitely.
Outlast Cast and Trailer Revealed by Netflix