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On a Wing and a Prayer Trailer, Poster and Release Details

MGM Studios has revealed the trailer and poster for On a Wing and a Prayer, available to stream on Prime Video starting on April 7, 2023. In this extraordinary true story, a family’s faith and will to survive is tested as a far-flung group of strangers come together in a life-saving race against time.

Director Sean McNamara (Soul Surfer) brings an inspiring battle against the odds to vivid life as an inexperienced pilot discovers a great deal about himself and the miracles that simple faith can achieve.

On a Wing and a Prayer Trailer, Poster and Release Details

Doug (Dennis Quaid) and Terri (Heather Graham) White and their two daughters Maggie (Jessi Case) and Bailey (Abigail Rhyne) lead an ideal life in their small town, deeply involved in community and church affairs.

Along with his brother and best friend Jeff (Brett Rice), Doug looks forward to the town’s annual barbecue cook-off, where they handily take home first place, distributing the leftovers to the homeless afterward.

On a Wing and a Prayer

When Jeff unexpectedly passes away, the grieving Whites travel to Naples, Florida, for his funeral. Deeply shaken by his brother’s death, Doug begins to question his long-held faith, distressing Terri, who urges him to hold fast to their beliefs.

After an emotional service, the family boards a private plane to take them home to Louisiana. But within a few minutes of takeoff, disaster strikes: Their pilot suffers a fatal heart attack.

Despite having no experience flying the twin-engine Beechcraft Super King Air 200, Doug has to take control of the aircraft and try to guide it to a nearby landing strip. Rough weather begins to roll in as he frantically contacts air traffic control for guidance, with Terri by his side as co-pilot.

Putting their faith at the forefront, the couple is unaware that officials on the ground are already sending ambulances and emergency vehicles to the tarmac, anticipating the worst.

On a Wing and a Prayer

With time running out, an aspiring air traffic controller breaks protocol and contacts experienced pilot Corey (Jesse Metcalfe). From his home in Connecticut, Corey manages to contact Doug directly and provide step-by-step advice as Doug struggles to save his family from seemingly certain tragedy.

If anyone is to survive, it’s going to take a miracle.

On a Wing and a Prayer is directed by Sean McNamara (Soul Surfer, Spare Parts) from a script by Brian Egeston (Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, Perfect Harmony).

The film stars Dennis Quaid (Far From Heaven, The Special Relationship), Heather Graham (Boogie Nights, The Hangover) and Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives, John Tucker Must Die).

The producers are Autumn Bailey-Ford (Tulsa, Through the Glass Darkly), Roma Downey (Son of God, Resurrection) and Karl Horstmann (The Case for Christ, The First Noelle). The executive producer is Marco Henry (Brawl in Cell Block 99, The Secrets We Keep).

The director of photography is Christian Sebaldt (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, How to Get Away With Murder). The production designer is Robb Wilson King (Breaking Bad, El Tonto).

The costume designer is Sekinah Brown (Dear Evan Hansen, Brockmire). The film is edited by Jeff W. Canavan (The Miracle Season, Soul Surfer).

The composer of On a Wing and a Prayer is Brandon Roberts (Free Solo, Motherland: Fort Salem).

On a Wing and a Prayer