New Overwatch Hero Ashe Revealed in the Animated Short Reunion

And actual Lúcio-Oh’s cereal was announced

Get ready for a shootout! Today at BlizzCon, the Overwatch team announced the newest hero to join the fight: Ashe, leader of the notorious Deadlock Gang. Watch her and an old acquaintance in action in the latest animated short, Reunion.

Ashe is a damage hero who brings a whole arsenal of abilities to the table, including Bob, her trusted omnic sidekick, who can be summoned to knock enemies in the air and lay down suppressing fire with his arm cannons. She can also detonate sticks of dynamite and blast enemies away with her Coach Gun—or aim at distant bad guys with her Viper rifle.

In the below video, you can learn more about the 29th Overwatch hero Ashe, the rebellious gunslinger who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Also announced today by Blizzard was actual Overwatch cereal! Don’t start your day on an empty stomach. Get into the daily groove by boosting your breakfast with a bowl of Lúcio-Oh’s cereal by Kellogg’s!

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