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Netflix Reveals Trailer for the Reality Z Series

Netflix has released the trailer for the Reality Z series, which is coming to the streaming service on June 10. The first Brazilian zombie series, Reality Z is adapted and developed by award-winning Brazilian director, screenwriter and executive producer Cláudio Torres.

The Reality Z series is based on the acclaimed British horror miniseries Dead Set, created by Charlie Brooker (Black Mirror). A tribute to fans of the genre, the visceral show combines British irony with Brazilian tropicalist anthropophagy, and has the city of Rio de Janeiro as the background for the story.

Sabrina Sato as Davina in Reality Z

An ode to horror, humor and pop culture, Reality Z narrates in 10 episodes a zombie apocalypse that imprisons participants and producers of a reality show called “Olympus.” On one eviction night, the studio becomes a safe haven for those seeking salvation in a city where madness and horror come to reign.

In the trailer, it is possible to cross the walls that isolate the reality show participants from the exterior world and get to know the great self-sustaining fortress, now threatened by the zombies outside and by the vile human nature inside.

Witness what other survivors are willing to do to take over the Greek-inspired palace. In addition to satire on reality shows, the series delves into what is the most profound aspect in the zombie genre: the human drama.

Reality Z is executive produced by Cláudio Torres and Renata Brandão. Cláudio also directs with Rodrigo Monte, and wrote the script with João Costa. This is the first collaboration between Netflix and Conspiração, a Brazilian independent producing company that has the highest number of International Emmy nominations in the market.

The cast of the Reality Z series includes Anna Hartmann (Nina)​, Luellem de Castro (Teresa), Guilherme Weber (Brandão), Emílio de Mello (Alberto Levi), Ravel Andrade (Léo)​, João Pedro Zappa (TK), Julia Ianina (Cristina), Pierri Baitelli (Robson), Jesus Luz (Lucas), and Sabrina Sato (Divina).

Also part of the cast are Carla Ribas (Ana), Gabriel Canela (Marcos), Natália Rosa (Veronica), Leandro Daniel (Augusto), Hanna Romanazzi (Jéssica), Arlinda Di Baio (Cleide), and Wallie Ruy (Madonna).

Reality Z Poster
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