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The Muschiettis and DiCaprio Teaming Up on The Time Machine

Warner Bros. Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way Productions are teaming up on a new adaptation of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, according to DeadlineIT and IT Chapter Two director Andy Muschietti will direct. Andy and his sister, Barbara Muschietti, have written a treatment for the film. Barbara will produce with Appian Way’s Jennifer Davisson and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Arnold Leibovit will be executive producer. Leibovit executive produced the 2002 version of the film, which was directed by Simon Wells and stars Guy Pearce, Samantha Mumba and Jeremy Irons. That film (pictured above) cost about $80 million to make and earned $123.7 million worldwide.

H.G. Well’s 1895 novel is officially described as follows:

“English novelist, historian and science writer Herbert George Wells (1866–1946) abandoned teaching and launched his literary career with a series of highly successful science-fiction novels. The Time Machine was the first of a number of these imaginative literary inventions. First published in 1895, the novel follows the adventures of a hypothetical Time Traveller who journeys into the future to find that humanity has evolved into two races: the peaceful Eloi — vegetarians who tire easily — and the carnivorous, predatory Morlocks.

After narrowly escaping from the Morlocks, the Time Traveller undertakes another journey even further into the future where he finds the earth growing bitterly cold as the heat and energy of the sun wane. Horrified, he returns to the present, but soon departs again on his final journey.

While the novel is underpinned with both Darwinian and Marxist theory and offers fascinating food for thought about the world of the future, it also succeeds as an exciting blend of adventure and pseudo-scientific romance. Sure to delight lovers of the fantastic and bizarre, The Time Machine is a book that belongs on the shelf of every science-fiction fan.”

Deadline adds that Warner Bros. Pictures is leading the charge on the film and making the creative decisions. Muschietti just wrapped IT Chapter Two and he and Barbara also have Attack on Titan (Warner Bros.) and Robotech (Sony Pictures) in development.

The 2002 film had a very cool teaser trailer that you can still watch below!

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