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May 2020 Games for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold

Sony PlayStation and Xbox have announced the May 2020 games coming to both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold. For PlayStation Plus, the games will be available for the PlayStation 4. The Xbox Live Gold titles include two games for the Xbox One and two for the Xbox 360. You can play the Xbox 360 titles on your Xbox One with Backward Compatibility.

PlayStation Plus May 2020 Games

The May 2020 games for PlayStation Plus include Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19. The titles will be available to download from the PlayStation Store from Tuesday, May 5, until Monday, June 1.

PlayStation Plus May 2020 Games


Do you have what it takes to develop a small, bustling community into a sprawling megacity? In Cities: Skylines, the acclaimed city builder sim by Paradox Interactive, you make the decisions that will see your city flourish or fail.

You’ll need strategic smarts to keep your burgeoning ecosystem from collapse, ensuring your ever-growing populace stay happy and the industries that are the lifeblood of your expanding metropolis continue to thrive.


Stressed by the bustling city life and eager to tackle a more sedate livelihood? Rural escapism awaits with Farming Simulator 19! Developer GIANTS Software has packed in a wealth of agricultural pastimes to lose yourself in as you set out to maintain a homestead.

Harvest crops, raise livestock, tackle forest, ride your own horses… or just jump behind the wheel of your John Deere tractor or one of over 300 authentic farming vehicles and go for a drive.

Xbox Live Gold May 2020

In May on Xbox One, handle extreme and challenging courses around the world in V-Rally 4 and combat demons of the Chaos Gods in the action-RPG Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr. On the Xbox 360, and Xbox One via Backward Compatibility, you’ll score a goal with the classic Sensible World of Soccer and it’s minion madness in the delightfully despotic Overlord II.

V-RALLY 4 (Available May 1 to 31 on Xbox One)

Take on the challenges of rallycross, drifts, buggies, and hill climbs in V-Rally 4. Over 50 famous vehicles are available to customize and race in this demanding simulation. You’ll dominate dangerous roads and hostile conditions as you set off on a spectacular journey across every continent. Let your adrenaline boost your reflexes in this legendary off-road racing game.

V-Rally 4

WARHAMMER 40,000: INQUISITOR – MARTYR (Available May 16 to June 15 on Xbox One)

Play as the Inquisitor, the Imperium’s most powerful agent in Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr. Across the far-flung corners of the Warhammer universe, impose the Emperor’s will as you conduct your investigation across multiple planets. Go solo or team up with four friends in visceral combat and purge the chaos lurking behind the walls of the fortress-monastery, Martyr.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr

SENSIBLE WORLD OF SOCCER (Available May 1 to 15 on Xbox One & Xbox 360)

Hit the pitch in the popular old school title, Sensible World of Soccer. Featuring a massive lineup of football clubs from around the world, enjoy a quick game or experience the excitement of managing a full season with a fully immersive tactics editor. This is the classic football game from the 90’s, reborn.

Sensible World of Soccer

OVERLORD II (Available May 16 to 31 on Xbox One & Xbox 360)

Control the powerful and chaotic Minion army in their battle versus the Glorious Empire in Overlord II. In this sequel to the critically-acclaimed warped fantasy hit, the Minions return smarter, deadlier, and funnier than ever as their wild pack mentality squares up against an organized legion. This game is bigger, badder, and beautifully destructive.

Overlord II
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