Margot Robbie Says Birds of Prey Movie Starts Filming in January

Harley Quinn will also have new looks for the film

Margot Robbie Says Birds of Prey Movie Starts Filming in January

With Terminal now opening in the UK, Margot Robbie has confirmed new details about the Birds of Prey movie to various outlets in interviews. Robbie is set to reprise the role of Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad for the Cathy Yan-directed film and she will produce as well.

Speaking to Flickering Myth, Robbie revealed that Birds of Prey is scheduled to begin shooting in January 2019. She added that the project will be “different,” rated R, and made with a “much smaller budget.”

So which characters will be joining her in the film? She told Fandom: “I will say that there are a lot of unexplored DC female characters who are unique and complicated and dark and funny and exciting — and not just for their superpowers. Actually, the ones that excite me most don’t have superpowers at all but they have, you know, pretty great backstories and all could kind of live in the world with Harley and create this cool dynamic. Because I don’t think girl groups… I mean all my girlfriends, we’re a huge girl gang and we’re not all the same person, everyone’s very different. I guess I was really trying to put that on screen — the way we exist in everyday life as a big girl gang. Why can’t we watch that in films more?”

The actress also told Yahoo Movies she will have a new look for the film. “No, honestly [it’s] because the costumes haven’t been designed yet but yes she’ll have new looks. There will be new Halloween costumes out there, one day.”

Warner Bros. Pictures has not announced a release date for the film, but with Comic-Con just a couple of weeks away, anything is possible.

Which DC characters do you think should join Harley Quinn in the film?

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