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Mad Men-Style Series Coming About First Female Power Agent Stevie Phillips

Athena Pictures and American Entertainment Investors (Hotel Mumbai, The Man Who Knew Infinity) are developing a Mad Men-style drama series created and written by Andra Gordon titled Stevie and based on Stevie Phillips’ memoir Judy & Liza & Robert & Freddie & David & Sue & Me (buy here).

Phillips made her name as the first female power agent in the entertainment industry, and will be a consulting producer on the project. Stevie will be executive produced by Andra Gordon and Sarena Khan of Athena, alongside Zak Kilberg of Social Construct Films. Two-time Emmy Award-winning director/producer Scott Winant (Good Girls Revolt, Californication) is executive producing and directing the pilot episode. Jon Levin of Fourward is also producing.

Stevie is a one-hour drama infused with absurdist humor that follows Phillips’ rise from secretary to tour manager to agent to producer in a pre-MeToo era. Faced with all of the obstacles that come with being a career girl in a man’s world, Stevie maneuvers her way to the top, breaking the glass ceiling for women in the industry. The series, created and written by Gordon, was developed with Khan and Phillips.

Gordon said: “Stevie is a true inspiration who paved the way for women in the entertainment industry. She is an unapologetic, strategic force of nature who in her own words ‘learned to play her cards close to her chest and never fold.’ I’m honored to be able to tell her story, which reflects many other women’s stories coming up in the business, including my own.”

Winant continued: “I’m thrilled to be a part of this compelling project that brings to light the life of an extraordinary woman. Stevie Phillips broke gender barriers and became a true pioneer in the industry. I’m especially excited to collaborate with Andra and Sarena, who represent the next generation of female powerhouses.”

Stevie Phillips worked as a secretary at MCA and got her big break when the government forced them to dismantle the talent agency due to the acquisition of Universal. It was then that power agents Freddie Fields and David Begelman saw an opportunity and started their own agency (which later became known as CMA), quickly promoting Stevie to Judy Garland’s Tour Manager. Stevie went on to represent such greats as Liza Minelli, Robert Redford, Cat Stevens, Al Pacino and David Bowie. Well-known agent Sue Mengers, who worked with Stevie at CMA, will also be featured.

Stevie is the first project announced under Andra Gordon and Sarena Khan’s Los Angeles based Athena Pictures banner. The film and television production company is dedicated to creating prestige content for a wide audience, with a strong focus on underrepresented voices and global stories.

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